Windows 7 can,t download pictures from my cannon 300d

i,m not the most computor literate person but i,ve plugged my cannon 300d into my lap top to down load some picture and nothing happens. I brought a multi type flask card reader and the computor won,t down load from this either. very frustrated because I want to send some pictures in to the company website of my biggest ever Pike.Thanks in advance of a simple idiot proof answer
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  1. when using the card reader, did u install the drivers for it?

    Also, there is typically a lock/unlock switch on flash cards, unlock it before inserting into the card reader.

    And you do know that this won't happen auto-magically. You'll either have to use the supplied software from your camera's manufacturer, or just browse through my computer.
  2. It,s an old camera and dics has been damaged.Can,t find download on cannon site.Also where would I find the driver to down load for Flash card reader. It was brought from7day shop.Also he flash card s an old one and can,t find switch on it.Any further ideas guys
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