Transfering files on 5920g causes extremely slow / unresponsive pc


I recently reformatted my 5920g with Windows 7 and for some reason whenever I am transfering files across my hard drives, over usb or esata, the pc becomes very unresponsive and very slow.

It seizes up with pretty much anything whilst the transfers are going, opening programs, navigating explorer. I've never experienced this before and have no idea whats causing it.

It's been running on Windows 7 before without any problems and all the drivers are currently up to date.

I'd appreciate some help please. I'd hate to have to reformat again.
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  1. Just to make sure: Did you install the most up to date drivers from Acer's support site, use a disc that came with it, or just use the Windows update drivers? If you didn't go to Acer's support site, I recommend going there and downloading the most recent drivers for the motherboard.
  2. Hey, thanks for getting replying. Yeah all of the drivers are up to date, the majority from Acer support.

    I've narrowed down the problem a little further - and my HDD is split into two paritions - C & D as it was set up in factory.

    I've come to realise that the issues occur more prominently when you are transferring files to the D drive. When you are transfering to the C drive things are much more responsive, although not perfect I'd say.

    I tried formating the D drive recently thinking it might need it especially after reformatting Windows and that the content on it was registered to the previous 'user' (i changed the computer name / user name).

    No joy though, still the same problems...
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