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Hi, i tried to upgrade to win 7 64 bit from 7 in vaio vgn fz4000. Installation was successful but after booting for the first time, its showing the usual blue error screen and resarting..when i tried to reinstall win 7, its showing no hard disk drives detected to install windows..
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  1. Check the BIOS screens to see if the hard drive is enabled and selected as bootable -- usually as the second boot option after the CD/DVD when installing Windows.
  2. Thanks Fil...

    Actully the problem was ... Win 7 was not supported for that model of laptop, even though they have drivers in the vaio website. Bios settings and all was fine but as soon as i installed win 7, it conflicted with the disk drives and resulted in the problem.Even though i tried with Vista dvd and tried to install fresh windows,, still it was showing no disk drive to install windows.. Finally i booted with our Old XP cd and automatically it took all the disk drives.. from there i deleted all partitions and created new partitions.. after that booted with Vista Dvd and it was smooth like butter.. So now Vista Ultimate is in the lap..

    Thanks for your help..God Bless..
  3. I keep hearing that Win7 and (less surprisingly Win 7 64) are "incompatible" with certain models of computer and it isn't entirely true.

    What may be true is that drivers for certain motherboards or components (perhaps as basic as hard disk controllers) are not included in Win 7. If Win7 doesn't pause during install to allow those drivers to be added manually (though who would have them handy except RAID or SCSI users I don't know) that will cause a problem.

    Some component manufacturers and chipset makers have failed to provide drivers for Windows 7 for certain of their products, particularly the older ones.

    This tends to support the theory (and the inflated price of a copy of Windows retailed separately) that it is better not to upgrade Windows on older equipment but instead to wait until you get it included in the price of a new machine which has been tested with it.

    I can understand you fleeing Vista but, having tried Win7, I don't think it's worth the effort of learning new ways to do the same old things that XP already does, let alone faffing about with drivers for components that previously worked okay. As for going to 64 bit, I think that's just asking for trouble.

    The time to switch to Win7 is when components you want to use don't have drivers for XP -- which will be some way off, hopefully.
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