Fire Fox stopped working

Hi...please help me with this my firefox browser is always stopping in between my browsing and i come up with the error:
'Firefix has stopped working'

What shoudl I do to rectify this error /???
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  1. use google chrome
  2. update to the latest version. or that your computer is too slow.
  3. Hi. Update to the latest version of Firefox
  4. What can I say that hasn't already been said? Try updating your Firefox and Windows. If the problem persists, use google chrome. More reliable than most other web browsers.
  5. "Use Google Chrome" - bad advice is bad. Chrome violates your privacy and has other problems that Firefox does not have.

    Create a new Firefox profile (backup any Firefox data you need such as bookmarks, then uninstall, remove profile data, and then reinstall Firefox)
    Install only the essential addons (adblock, flashblock, noscript)
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