Need advice on upgrade

I need advice.
This is my situation: Brace yourselves, P1200. In other words, P1 200mmx. I already put a post (not a thread) in the RAM section but I figured this would get more attention (Imagine that I am burning myself too).
In Short, It's time to upgrade (no kidding). I wanted to get an athlon 900 a while back but everybody said to wait for the DDR so I did. Now a7m266 w/ 1.33 seems good enough for me as most of you agree that the ddr is the best choice for the long run. With all this talk about the prices coming down these two months and the Palmino's coming out, I am having second thoughts about buying now. Should I get the asus board, an athlon 850 (just to keep me going for a while) and then go for a palmino when it comes out?
Suggestions are welcome. Laughing about my current pc welcome too.
p.s. I am not planning to buy anything for at least a month.
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  1. Right now I'm replying to you on a P1 200 mmx. I plan on waiting another 5 years to upgrade :)

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  2. Thanks man, big help.
    I only upgrade every three years. this time it took longer because of the ddr. But when I get my pc, I spend 1400$ not just buy parts for 300$ every year.
  3. Don't want to sound grump & crappy.
    Maybe in five years the gf3 would be affordable.
  4. Hmm.. I'm upgrading from a P2-266 to a Tbird or Duron (800 is fine).

    My advice.. don't get DDR. DDR is for people who want to look cool but don't really understand what is going on.
    Since by overclocking a KT133A chipset you can get near DDR performance it doesn't make sense to get DDR right now. If and when the processors and make use of the bandwidth then go for it. BTW, Palomino isn't due for another 6 months, and even when it comes out it'll be super expensive. Of course, if you decide to wait for Palomino, then by then the 1.33 Ghz Athlons will be rock bottom prices.

    My 2 cents: Go for the Tbird now at 1+Ghz. That should last you for 3 years.
  5. I was serious when I said I was replying from a P1 200 mhz mmx. I like your plan to get the 850mhz Athlon and upgrading to a Palmino later on. Thinking about the future seems to me to be better than to settle for what might feel good in the short-run

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  6. Thanks.
    I agree that the kt133a is giving the ddr platforms a hard time. But a few years from now, sd-ram would be too old right? Anyway, if the palmino's are taking that long then I definately not waiting for them. Although articles and roadmaps make them sound like they're coming out sooner.
  7. I consider my pc's situation after hearing horror stories.
    One of my friends, got a p3 933 i810e only a month ago. you know this has everything but the hard drive built in. We'll hear him weep a year from now.
  8. Are you talking about the Gateway essential 933 with the flex case? That model is so funny. :)

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  9. Well, consider how valuable EDO ram still is? Lots of people have got these Pentium 1 CPUs lying around as internet appliances or file/print servers and they all need RAM. But of course since they only take EDO, the price of EDO ram hasn't dropped even given its obselecence. I hoard EDO ram when I can, coz I have 2 fully functional computers I can feed it too.

    Palomino is supposed to ship Q3 of this year. I think I heard somewhere that AMD was holding back because they didn't exactly feel threatened by Intel's P4. Anyway, in three years you can forget about Palomino. 64-bit will be all the rage by then and you'll probably end up going for either the Hammer series or a Itanium series.

    My prediction: DDR will become mainstream in the next couple of years (unless Rambus manages to pull a rabbit out of its hat) then the prices for PC2100 will be like PC133 is now.
  10. I have 2 machines. 1 was a P3 733 the other was P2 266@350. I moved the 733 into the 266 and got a Asus A7V133 Motherboard. I was going to get a duron and use it for a year or so but found a t'bird 800 for $70. I am running stable at 918. It will not run stable faster at 1.85v. I plan to get a 1.2+ gig in a year or so. then i will sell the 800 on ebay. some fool payed me $45. for a p1 233 no fan or hs you can get a new one for $35. I think you should get the motherboard that makes you happy and get a midrange CPU like a 800-900. You didn't say what V-card you have or power supply. So I assume they are also 3 years old and you are geting new ones.
  11. Well, PC2100 already costs as much as PC133 (check The prices for EDO RAM are higher simply because it is so rare. And Q3 is not 6 months away from now, but only three.

  12. It's not gateway. It's IBM.
  13. This is what I am saying. So DDR would be mainstream and the palmino will fit into the a7m266 right? If that's the case, I would get a 760-based & athlon 800-900 and spare 200 for a palmino next year.
    I am doing a complete upgrade so I am not sparing anything out of this one. I figured I'd give it to my little brother and we can play some UT in our spare time.
  14. I would recomnd you go for a Duron/Athlon 800 nad spend the rest on a Graphics card and wait and see what happens in the CPU Market, as for DDR I use it but if you already have Memory it may be worth keeping it..

    Good Luck


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  15. I read that the cpu doesn't matter as much to current applications because a 500 is fast enough. I've just seen elsa gladiac ultra retail for 300$. I don't think I'll be settling for less than that on my new pc. But for the long run, the GF3 has more to offer than raw fillrate. But then again, when is the Radeon II coming out? I'd like to hear what it has to say first.
    Do you think 1.33GHz would be enough two/three years from now?

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  16. Come to think of it, The KyroII looks good for a great price. Why should I spend twice as much for that card. I guess I am just too excited about this. It seems better to save 400 bucks for a complementary upgrade one year from now, with the Palmino's becoming as common as current athlons, the gf3(reasonable prices)...etc.

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  17. Go with the a7m266 right now and DDR while it's cheap-you never know what's going to happen to memory prices, but I garuntee they won't go down much more, and the chance for them going up, especially with some companies making licencing agreements with Rambus and the rest fighting out it court, are high. So get your DDR now. You get only 10% better performance, but with the promise of more when the Palamino hits. So you can use a cheap Duron on it and upgrade to the Palamino when it becomes available.

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  18. Thanks guys. I think I'll do just that.
    Why buy a duron when you can get an athlon for 110$?

    The truth is out there.
    Far away from Intel's marketing dept. apparently.
  19. OK, first thing don't buy a ddr platform now, because the price performance is not that much, go for a 512mb pc133 sdram with an asus a7v133 or with an abit kt7a raid motherboard.
    For the cpu i suggest you to buy a 1333mhz athlon-c processor because it's the best cpu now and it will compete with the future thunderbird and palmino cpu's, but wait for the end of april to buy because a price cut will hit the cpu's, and the geforce3 will be available in the market.
  20. The prices of DDR crucial are really low these days.
    Should I get a 256 stick now, A month before I buy my system?

    The truth is out there.
    Far away from Intel's marketing dept. apparently.
  21. That's exactly my plan. I have a 233MMX right now, and it's getting to the point where I just have to upgrade... I decided on a DDR system to try to get the longest time out of this thing that I can, an Asus A7M266 motherboard, 256 Mb of crucial DDR ram. Instead of splurging on the processor though I am getting a Duron 850 to go in it for now, and putting my money into Gforce2 GTS Pro. Not much point getting a 1GHz and then putting an MX into it...

    Later when Palamino comes out and prices on Athalons drop, I will pick up a 1.33MHz Athalon to go into it, but for now I don't need more processor power than the Duron 850. Sure it's cool to say "I have a 1.33GHz machine!", but I'm trying to make a smart purchase rather than a prestigious one.

  22. Well, you have to start somewhere, and although ram could drip slightly in price, the chances are better that it will go up. So you waiting is tiskier-I would buy it now if you're sure you're going to use it.

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  23. Not many people realize this, but all currently released Athlon processors only see a 1-4% improvement using high speed DDR ram. The Athlon simply wasn't designed to take advantage of higher memory bandwidth. If you want to stay with AMD, I would recommend the fastest SDRAM. Use the saved money to buy a faster CPU.


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