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Deleted logon accounts

Hello, I am an idiot who deleted the logon accounts for my Windows 7 computer. I won't bore you with my idiotic reasoning. This particular computer was purchased from a school - when the video card didn't work, I replaced it with another tower from the school, but this one still had the school login info on it. No big deal, it works great, password was "password". Problem is, it had to domain names, one which connects to the school server (not accessible) and one which was a local domain, which we used. It did limit some of the administrative things I could do, as the system was set up for a school. So, trying to download something I wanted and having issues, I apparently had a brain freeze and decided it would be a good idea to delete the irksome account that was denying me access. Result? I CAN'T LOG ON AT ALL. I do ctrl alt del, type in the local domain name, and I cannot get in no matter what. Is there any way to restore access to my machine? I did try ophcrack to get a password reset, but the option to reset includes reading from a floppy drive a, which the tower doesn't even have.
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    Getting around password accounts is against forum rules. No one here is going to help.
  2. I had no idea that this was "against the rules" . So, since this is legitimately my computer, would you please tell me if it its possible for a computer repair place to accomplish this? Is it simply a password problem, or have I destroyed my possibilities of getting back onto my computer?

    Is there a possibility that the domain name no longer exists anywhere?
  3. A computer repair shop would probably be able to, assuming you have proper proof of ownership. Otherwise, they probably will not as there is no way to verify if the computer is yours or stolen...hence being against forum rules here.
  4. Thank you for your more kindly feedback.
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