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how do you tell if your Athlon CPU is a 266 or 200 Mhz Front side bus, i cant find the code numbers on the AMD site, mine reads
A1000AMT3B (1.0 Gig )
AVIA 0109 GPBW, followed by the serial number.
I will be upset if my chip is only a 200 FSB, i bought a ASUS 133 board and 1 gig CPU ,if i paid the $$ for a 133 mobo, i should expect a 266 chip to go with it surely, not a 200 Mhz chip.
i am assuming that an ideal setup is to have my PC 133 Ram,133 Mhz mobo , and CPU with a "dividable" front side bus frequency of 266, is that correct???
is it a "faster" PC if everything matches, what do you people recommend ?
Is it really that much difference ?
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  1. The only difference between a Thunderbird for 200Mhz (DDR) FSB, and one for 266, is the multiplier.
    You can just plug in your CPU and boot the computer running at 200Mhz FSB. If your T-bird (sold as 1Ghz, right?) is for 266Mhz FSB, it will run at 750Mhz. Then you just raise you FSB speed to 266, and everything is fine.
    If the CPU is a 200Mhz FSB part, it'll run at 1Ghz.

    A faster FSB does give a very noticable performance increase, so you definetely want to run at 266Mhz FSB if possible.
  2. "mine reads A1000AMT3B"

    That last "B" means you have a 200 mhz part.

    If the letter was a "C" instead of a "B" you would have had a 266 mhz version.
  3. Nice! You have the AVIA stepping which means you can probably overclock your chip to 1.4GHz with normal cooling.... SWEET


    All your RAMBUS are belong to us!
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