BOOTMGR IS MISSING and windows instalation disk wont work

i tryed reinstalling windows 7 and now when i turn it on no matter what sorces i use (usb or cd/dvd) it wont load the windows 7 disk to repair or install im stopped at BOOTMGR is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart

i pressed f2 to make it boot from cd and usb first and pressed f12 to try and boot directly but nether work how do i fix this issue?
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  1. And did you save the setting before exiting the bios?, more than likely you may of forgot. Because I just cannot see how in the boot order of the bios if you set it for example to the dvd drive as the first boot able device it fails to see the windows DvD. Are you sure you have a windows disk that can boot from Dvd, does it have a boot loader. The fact it keeps looking for the boot manager of the last windows Os says you have not saved the setting in the bios once you have changed the boot order of devices. Make sure you are saving them after the changes you made, then exit the bios.
  2. Reinstall and format the drive.
  3. I'm having this exact same proble . The order is correct in the bios.

    And to skippy27 you may not be understanding, but the installation disc is inaccessible so there's no way to reformat or install
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