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Hello, i have just bought a new laptop and already have a wireless network. however i cant remember the network security key and therefore i cannot set the internet up without it. How do i find it?
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  1. The network security key can be found by logging in to your router.
    How you do this is to go to your internet browser and type the ip address of the router.

    when you do this a box should pop up asking for the user name and password
    the default settings are.
    User: Admin
    PW : Admin

    there will be a section in the router where you can see the network security key.
    or try looking on the bottom or the side of the router for a sticker that tells you the security key.

    If you get stuck please post back on the brand name of your router it helps alot.
  2. Default Username and passwords are different between a lot of router models. Please post your router model first, then we can find the default login credentials for it. If you or whoever set up your router changed those values, you will either need to contact that person, or press and hold the reset button on the router to reset the router back to factory defaults.
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