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Ok, help a newbie out, I have a new amd 1.33ghz axia and a asus A7M266 and a thermoengine pro with delta fan. Im super paranoid about either crushing the cpu core with the hsf when installing it or not installing it tight enough so it doesnt contact the core enough and the processor fries in a few seconds. This is my first home-made computer. Does anyone have any links to super comprehensive guides on specifically the mounting hsf on processor procedure? and/or any hints, tips, suggestions, etc? Im super-freakin here, im not about to burn up a nice ass processor cuz im a moron! haha...but I gotta learn some how so im gonna go in fighting with the most knowledge on it I can possibly get.

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  1. Well you will want the best thermal compund, Artic Silver II which can be purchased on many online cooling sites such as <A HREF="http://www.2cooltek.com" target="_new">2CoolTek</A> and comprehensive instructions for applying it can be found at <A HREF="http://www.articsilver.com" target="_new">Articsilver.com</A>.

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  2. Installing the Heatsink is easy enough. The hubs on the side of the CPU socket are there for attaching it. There should be metal prongs on both sides of the HSF that attach onto them. As long as the HSF is attached properly to the plastic hubs sticking out of the sides of the socket, you need not worry about tighness. For uneccisarily detailed intructions on how to install your specific HSF, look on the manufacturors website.

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