Need monitor with these features..

Hi! I need monitor with these features:

no 3d
no speakers
tn panel only
22"-23" max
fastest true responce time ( 2 "true" ms, no GTG)
lowest input lag
lg, asus or samsung, models that aren't discontinued
lowest price

Any recommendations?
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  1. The BenQ XL2410T 23.6" monitor may do the trick. You did not mention 120hz, but in order to get the lowest input lag, you have to go 120hz. When it comes to input lag, response time may matter, but a higher refresh rate matters more, and a 120hz TN display will have both. A 60hz monitor with 2ms response time will have more input lag than a 120hz monitor at 5ms response time.

    Do you have a price range?
  2. Actually I forgot to say no 120hz. As for the input lag, the lowest at these specs (non 120hz)

    But, at 120hz, any other monitor? The price range, in europe, 150E-170E max
  3. After reconsiderartion, I need a monitor with 120hz (not for 3d, but it will come in handy), without hdmi port, and if possible with displayport
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