Installed Win 7 on SSD alongside original HDD, need help

So i have been running windows 7 on a 640gb HDD but just installed a corsair 180gb ssd. I installed Windows 7 onto the SSD and works just fine. Only issue is that each time i boot i have to select operating system (Windows 7 (on ssd) or Windows 7 (on HDD).

I tried changing the boot order so the SSD boots first but it wont take. It says "Reboot and select proper boot device or Insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

This was when i left my 640gb out of the boot priority. Once i added the 640gb to the boot priority, it asks me which OS to boot.

I obv plan to transition to the SSD and wipe my 640gb and use it for storage. In my bios the 640gb shows up as [IDE:] before it and the rest of the drives say sata (i have an additional 1tb and 2tb for storage).

What settings do i need to change to get my computer to boot solely from the ssd?
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  1. I´d go for a new OS installation -- just make sure to disconnect the HDD cables (power and SATA), then install W7 in your SSD -- set it to AHCI.

    After installation, re-connect the HHD cables, and you´re done!

    SSD will be your C drive, while the HDD D drive, which you use for storage.
  2. A quicker solution is to install EasyBCD... with it you can edit the boot loader/manager and set the Windows 7 on the SSD as the default OS. You may need to install a more recent NET Framework version
  3. I actually just went and did a full re-install with it set to ahci. disconnected the other drives and installed windows. now it just boots up normally into the ssd without me having to choose which os.
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