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I just put together a 1.3GHz Athlon system, and I was wondering just what is the "normal" operating temp for this CPU is, because if you ask me it seems really hot. It's a retail boxed unit from AMD with their own heatsink and fan. I'm not going to be overclocking or anything like that, I just want a fast and reliable system.

I think the BIOS said it was running around 140 degrees give or take a couple degrees. is this normal, or too hot. My former system is a classic Slot-A Athlon at 800MHz, and everyone said those ones ran hot, but the heatsink never seemed as hot to the touch as this sucker is. I know that with speed comes a lot of heat, but I'm just paranoid since I had to struggle getting the heatsink on this one (the 800 came with it pre-mounted), and the P-III 800 I built in october almost melted down when I forgot to organize my wires and had one stuck in the CPU cooling fan

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  1. I also just put together a 1.33 Athlon system together (Retail)

    The fan/heatsink is real hard to get on... I was afraid while forcing down the clip...

    As for temps, i was wondering the same question... I only had enuff time to config the bios and format the disk drives currently (need to load os tomorrow) ..

    And after about 30 mins or so putting around in dos formating drives I checked the CPU temp in bios and it stayed around 105F (hit 109F once) , with a case temp of 79F (had the cover off so im sure it will be hotter with it on)

    BTW using the Iwill KK266 motherboard
  2. For temps, use °C...everyone relates to that with computers...

    Anyways, my Athlon 850 is running at 43°C/109°F, and my Asus A7V133 mobo is at 27°C/80°F. That's pretty cool. You wanna try to keep it under 60°C, but since you both aren't trying to overclock, I think you'll be okay. 60°C/140°F seems really high, though. How many fans do you have going? (i.e. heatsink, intake, exhaust)

    My system fan specs:
    1 intake @ front, bottom
    1 exhaust @ back plate
    Swiftech MC370-0A Heatsink
  3. If properly set up your case should run cooler with the cover on.

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  4. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention that...

    If the cover is on, then your fans can do their job circulating the air inside the case. Thus, your case should be cooler. If not, then they're just wasting your power. (Something like that, I hope... :eek: )
  5. I had the same problem about a week ago !
    My AMD 1.33 with ALPHA PAL6035 Sunon 26 Cfm fan rans on 32 idle and 52+ load :-(
    Then here is my solution !
    I had a nice full case with 3x80 mm fans 1in 2 out !
    Tought its enough but it wasnt !
    I had to do something so decided to drill out the case with a 120mm holesaw :-) I did 2 hole on the front 1 on the back 1 on top ! Put in 4x120 Panaflow with 7Volt Fanbus !
    Guess what ? My temp dropped about 10*C under load :-)
    Idle: 29 Load: 44 Not bad !
    Also did a little lapping on the heatsink !
    Idle: 27 Load: 42 !
    Everyone whit heat problem I strongly recommended add a couple case fan its like a miracle :-)
    Still waiting my Artic Silver 2 and Delta 38 Cfm Fan !

  6. Im usin a:
    asus a7m266
    1.33ghz tbird w/thermonengine pro hsf
    tornado 3002

    Havent seen my temp go over 33C once yet. Im still not sure if thats good but it sounds safe being as I think 90C is the dead point someone said and its best to keep it under 60C. 140F sounds kinda high to me, I beleive thats a bit over 60C. But you can use my temp to compare.

    Good luck,
  7. I also run the 1.33 with the retail HS/Fan. I have it on a MSI K7T266 Pro. I get about 53 *C normal and 57 *C under load :-( I thought about buying a taisol HS/Fan but I don't know how I would get the thermal pad off once I took current HS/Fan off. BTW I got 1 80mm in and 1 80mm out plust the PS out.

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  8. how to you lap a heatsink?

    I want to do that too..
  9. My 1Ghz Tbird runs at those temps too, but I'm worried coz my case was open and the surrounding air was very cool at the time so I know it'll heat up with the case closed.

    I got 2 exhaust fans but no intake fans.. me thinks I gotta drill a hole on my side panel for a nice 120mm intake fan.
  10. Kurokaze !
    You defenetly need more intake fan than exhaust !!!
    Because you have to overpressurized the case not under !
    Also here is the link for lapping and a couple other things ! :
    Very good site !
  11. I just received a email two days ago from AMD tech support regarding the temp limits on the Classic Athlon 1000 Slot A and its 70C tops. This is my own personal system and it never gets above 40C. Living here in central Ca the unit runs around 37C until noon or so before it starts heat up abit. I have it sitting on a Asus K7V-T with a large heatsink, Artic Silver, and twin 7200 cpu fans. In addition I installed a custom twin 80m intake and one 80m exhaust fan. This creates the best wind tunnel effect I've been able to come up with without cutting up my case.I've seen quite a few sockett t-birds come in lately and most of them run above 55C and tend to lock up often. This can be avoided but the chances of getting one set up for proper cooling at BestBuy etc is next to none.
  12. yeah I figured as much.. I had a 120mm intake before, but it was just tooooo loud, so I took it out :)

    Thanks for the link! I'm gonna look into lapping my
  13. If you put a 7 Volt baybus you will be fine with the 120mm fan !!!
    I know have 4 of them :-) ( and it pretty quiet on 7 volt)
    But on 12 ! Man ! Like crazy LOOOUD !!!
  14. I've got and Athlon Clasic 550 @ 700. It really didn't want to make 700 so I shoved it in the freeze for a few hours and then tried it. Once burned in it work fine although its really hot.

    I have two intakes and 3 exhast 80mm fans on my case (inc PSU) and the 2 exhast fans on the back both blow hot air when the CPU is inder load. I have no temperature monitor on my motherboard but given the CPU heatsink is almost too hot to touch (I guess about 60C?) and the warm air at the back, is it possible to guess the temperature of the CPU core? BTW the case is a (coolermaster somthing 200)

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  15. haha, dam im screwed. My case enver even drops below 36C. My case temp is usually around 38C and my CPU around 50C.

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  16. I saw you other post where you made reference to removing the existing thermo pad so I assume you just used the pad that came attached to your heatsink. With lots of care and patience it can be removed with a dremel and a fine wire brush along with some rubbing alcohol, just be carefull and use some Artic Silver thermo compound and you will probally be able to get it down to 40C. Im going to start on one with the same heat range you have on Monday and I'll let ya know how it goes.
  17. Really? so since I have 1 80mm intake(front and 1 80mm exhaust(rear), and the PS exhaust, should I turn my 80mm exhaust around so it is a intake? That would leave me with 1 80mm intake(front) and 1 80mm intake(rear) and 1 PS exhaust(not sure but think its 60mm).

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  18. i dont see how that would get enough air out

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  19. Hey cool, thx. Let me know how it turns out. As far as the wire brush goes, that sounds like murder to the chip, no? If you get yours down 10C less than before or maybe even 5c I might try it too. Oh and yes I used the HS/Fan that came with the CPU, along with the pink pad it had on bottom of HS.

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  20. Um which way were you refering to? I didn't think that 2 intake and 1 exhaust was right but that is what the other guy said to do, what you think?

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  21. <Hey cool, thx. Let me know how it turns out. As far as the wire brush goes, that sounds like murder to the chip,> The Dremel tool line has several brushes in their assortment and the one I use is about the size of a pencil eraser and is very soft.I don't use it on the t-birds but on the heatsink. I just use alcohol on a soft cloth and take it easy, it takes alot of patience but will get the job done. When space becomes a problem with a large heatsink I just mark the area with a kato pen, remove the heat sink from the case and grind away, making sure to remove any particles left behind before re-installing and doing the final lapping process before applying the Artic Silver. Hope this helps.
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