899 for Ideapad Y560P

Is this a good deal for 899? Is it way more processor and video card than a non gamer needs?
Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM Processor ( 2.00GHz 1333MHz 6MB )
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64
AMD Radeon HD 6570M 1GB
8 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz
15.6" HD LED Glare 1366x768
Industry Standard Touchpad
750GB 5400
DVD Recordable (Dual Layer)
6 Cell Lithium-Ion
Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR
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  1. $899 is what a lot of places retail that system for. It's not a "gaming" laptop by any means. It will perform well with light gaming, and it's not a super high end CPU either.

    What exactly will you be doing with it?
  2. It looks like I might do some gaming, but not intensely. Mostly it is just a college laptop to do the usual. At times I am sure I will use it to edit video and the like.
  3. It's a great deal. Excellent find. Got the link for us?
    Here's the review on the Radeon HD 6570M.
    That's a really potent mix of Core i7-2630QM and a decent mid-range GPU. The only quibble I have (and its a slight one) is the small workspace you get with the standard 1366x768 LCDs. 1600x900 or full HD 1920x1080 would be a big bonus.

    Lenovo IdeaPad Y560p review
  4. I would love to give the link, but its based off an employee pricing discount that gives me another 400 off the price. Is that overkill for not doing much gaming though? I honestly play games on the comp about once a month
  5. Microcenter is listing it at $899 on their site. Regular price.
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