Can i buy oem and use it in my computer

Alright so I bought a computer off of craigslist for 300 dollars I figured I could afford to upgrade, well upgrading turned into building a whole new pc lol. So now im selling the old rig to my dad for 150 cause im such a nice son, and i was going to include everything that came with the computer which also had a 500gb hdd with windows 7 pro on it (which is currently in my new build).

What im wondering is it technically legal for me to buy a oem copy put in the old system and sell it to my dad? I just do not get why windows 7 full retail is still so expensive its annoying as hell. What happens if I install an oem copy on a computer and dont sell it lol?
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    You can find more information in regards to the different versions of Windows 7 HERE.

    I would recommend looking over this post for more information.

    In a nutshell, an OEM copy of Windows is tied to whatever motherboard it was FIRST installed on. The product key cannot be transferred (in most cases) or re-used on a different system with a different motherboard. That is one of the reasons why OEM versions are significantly cheaper than retail versions.
  2. Right I have windows 7 pro full retail on one computer, and i am going to get windows home premium oem to put on the computer i am selling to my dad, just wondering if its legal since technically oem versions are for major resellers.
  3. Well I found my answer with handy dandy google, usually i go to that first but I like the insight fullness of the people on tomsharware. Thanks for your answer anyways, but i already knew the differences between them.
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