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Hy.anyone heard something about new asks gaming laptops with sandy bridge. What about the graphics card in the new gaming laptops?
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  1. Hello Napster_88;
    Yes the new quad core Sandy Bridge mobile laptops are arriving. The dual core SBs will be out the end of this month is what I'm reading.

    GTX 460M is the GPU most commonly seen. Examples:
    ASUS G73SW-A1 Core i7 2630QM & GTX 460M
    MSI GT680R-008US Core i7 2630QM & GTX 460M
    A bit less expensive would be the Sager NP5160 Core i7 2630QM & GTX 540M
  2. No laptops with a higher gpu....something like 560
  3. .... 560? is there a 560?
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