Acer or Toshiba?

Hey all
I'm from Sri Lanka and I'm thinking of buying a core i7 laptop as a desktop replacement (of course not buying online). In local stores i have three choices.

1. Toshiba Satellite A665 (740QM, 1GB Gf 330M) - Good finish
2. Acer Aspire 5745G (640M, 1GB Gf 420M) - Finish just alright
3. HP pavilion Dv6-4001TX (2630QM, 1GB Gf 6570) - Shitty finish

Toshiba and HP almost same priced and Acer is cheaper about $180.

I'll most of the times will use the machine for gaming, word processing.
I'd rather like the Acer (higher clock speed and newer, dx11 graphic chip set.) but people say various stuff about poor build quality of Acer laptops such as we are receiving low quality products in Asia region etc...
Toshiba seems like a pretty reliable and OK one apart from somewhat outdated graphic card and lower clock than the Acer.

What should I buy?
Can I rely on Acer?
please help me out.
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  1. I think you know the answer. If they can't be bothered to give the product a reasonable (and durable) finish how much care have they put into what you can't see ?
  2. yeah i think i better off with the toshiba but still, anyone here having experience with acer?
  3. im from sri lanka too and im using a acer aspire 5742g i3 and nw jst over a year... still works great and im a gamer... bf3 and mw3 works fine...
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