BenQ XL2420T Professional Gaming Monitor or ASUS VG278HE

So I am looking to upgrade from my Dell SR2320L. I did some research and it looks like the BenQ XL2420T Professional Gaming Monitor is pretty much the "tried and true" monitor. However, the ASUS VG278HE came out recently and it looks pretty awesome. In case my GPU affects the choice, I currently have a ATI Radeon HD 5770, but I foresee a purchase of a GTX 680 or 670 in the near future. In case how much I game is also a deciding factor, I am a serious gamer and game for 20+ hours a week. So with all that info, what would you think is the right monitor for me.
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  1. Do you want a 24" monitor, or a 27" monitor? That is probably the deciding factor.

    Unless you are going to use 3D Vision 2, which both support with the 3D Vision 2 kit, there difference between 120hz and 144hz is not likely to be a big difference, even though I'd favor the 144hz monitor. However, in 3D Vision, the difference is 60hz vs 72hz, and that for myself at least, means I get less simulator sickness.
  2. I could go either way on screen size, however the I think I'll go with the Asus one for better 3D.
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