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Hello. About 10 months ago, my husband and I purchased a computer for our photo/video editing scrapbooking business. We had one custom built through a store near us. They put in a AMD K7 Athlon P600 3D NOW OEM processor, a Abit KA-7 KX133 Chipset 200Mhz motherboard, (2) 128 PC100 RAM, 40.9 GB Maxtor (7200RPM), All in wonder 128 graphics card and originall Windows 98 SE. Since then we have updated to Windows ME because of many misc. problems. However, now I am beginning to think that our problems might be due to our processor and/or video card.
A few of the problems we have encountered most recently are: my videos that I have created do not want to play continously without pausing. We also have experience multiple times of rebooting due to freezing (sometimes 10x's), and many windows file errors.
What can you tell me about the compatibility of these two products (processor and video card). We are trying to figure out if this is something we need to replace before our warranty expires. Our computer works for awhile and then something new goes wrong with it. The newest being the problem playing video. I know my resources are fine and I have about 16 gbytes of hard drive space free.
Thanks for your help. I appreciate any help you can give me.


Diane M Schorsch
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  1. I'm using an AMD Athlon processor, and an ATI All-in-Wonder video card, but I haven't had any problems with it. One thing, though, how much RAM does the video card have? That may explain the interrupted video if it is low....
  2. Amd with via is terrible at streaming data especially audio, there's an issue with a well know hardware audio suite that is rendered useless when run on a AMD/Via platform.

    The Via chipset holds interrupts far too long-which lead to audio/video degradation and it is terrible the way it handles irq assignments.

    Your older Athlon is the worst for what you want it to do.

    if your warranty has not expired then by all means return the damn thing and get a P4 @1.5 or 1.7(when it comes out) deduct the price(business expense) on next years taxes.

    the P4 simply owns at Multimedia and digital photo editing. with it's incredible bandwidth and speed.

    why fiddle with irqs, swapping out cards, doing this and that, when you can be busy work on your scrapbooking business?

    leave the tweaking to the Amd chumps, all they do is play games all day long, they're usually still in H.S. so they have absolutely no aspirations(except tweaking) and usually fill up there harddrives with porno and illegal apps.

    basically they have no idea of what it's like to be faced with a deadline and have a pos platform like AMD/VIA holding you back.

    sorry for the rant but it's all true.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  3. LOL!
  4. your not convincing anyone loser

    He bought AMD didnt he

    -- They have found a way to harness the power of a thunderstorm and expell it with great force!--
  5. Well, the fault does not really lie with the processor but with the chipset (VIA) as meltdown suggests. Unfortunatly, if yor have a slot a processor such as you do you are pretty much stuck with the VIA motherboard. I really do not know how usefull his advice is, buying a new pentium 4 system may be just a tad exsesive. Seeing how you did in fact buy this at a comuter shop custom built I suggest you take it back and let them deal with it. I do know how to get around this problem however, it is quite detailed and I do not know your level of expertise. Suffice it to say that ATI has newer software and drivers for this product which helped the problems you are encountering. For now take it back and please follow up with what the retailor tells you it could be quite interesting.

    p.s and yes it is a problem with the way the via chipset is handling the irq's, this is partially to blame on via and partially to blame on ATI, but has very little to do with AMD, other than the fact they do not make enough of there own chipsets.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  6. yeah, Ncogneto is right, either take it to the shop to get it fixed (You should have at least a one year warranty) or you can check Via's website and ATI's website and get all the latest driver updates.


    Life is hard...Live with it.
  7. Just like to add that ATI all in wonder 128 is like very old and a POS compared to todays video cards. someone ripped you off and the should have sold you a all in wonder Radeon NOT 128. (huge diff)

    But your problem is with the machine not the video card. download benchmark and watch the pauses in it. (I posted this last year and all AMD lemmings were calling me a liar and crap being the dumb ass jerks that they are) for a 1Ghz machine that bench should be smooth as a babies butt not pausing every other second.

    A couple of suggestions, reload machine and put on new 4 n 1 drivers first. change in bios from 4x agp to 2x agp. download agp patch from AMD.

    After you spent a few hours doing that crap and it doesnt fix the problem return your machine to wher eyou purchased it and get a real intel. Its obvious you did not save any money buying AMD and your pulling your hair out now.

    Anyway I hope this was a lesson learned. and you will avoid AMD in the future.

    Dont worry, there are thousands of unhappy people like you wondering why theier AMD system is a POS.

    take a few minutes and read any "help please" or other help related post and you will see its AMD cpu running 1+ ghz that has problems. not just one or two, but dozens posted here. (several posts a day for help with AMD overheating or crashing/lockups questions like yours)
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