Need a hidden webcam recorder


I share an apartment with four guys and one of them is stealing from me. I am unable to put my finger on anyone.

I leave my laptop on all the time for downloads and remote access, so wouldnt cause any suspicion.

Is there a software to record video through my webcam secretly? I have a 2TB hard disk so space is not an issue even if I leave it running for the 8-14 hours I am away from home.

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  1. hey, why not try setting up a camera in your room instead of leaving your laptop on 24 hrs round the clock.
    For ur situation, i think a network cam will do just fine. You can remote control the camera, take snapshots and record video with sound.
    I have one fixed towards the front door. With downloaded app on my cell, I can visit the cam on my smartphone or view through the internet.
    It has a two-way audio function. So I guess when u catch them, u can shout out loud "hey im watching u!"
    Pretty good stuff from what i see.
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