Prob V2.12.07 and CPU Max speed

I just got an Athlon 1000 2x133 FSB on an ASUS A7V133 (KT133A)
I have Probe V2.12.07 and am using a Super mini Orb to cool it.

Two qusetions:

1) When I go into Probe and look at Information/DMI Explorer/ and highlight Processor, The current CPU speed is 1000. The MAX speed is listed as 1200. Does this mean I have a 1200 that is underclocked @ 1000 ?

2)At 1000, my BIOS, Prob and SiSoft Sandra all say CPU is 50c and MoBo is 27c - was 35c until i put a draw fan in bottom front - CPU temp stayed the same. What temp should it be running at ?


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  1. Is that CPU at 50C while idle or under heavy load? If that's load, that's fine. If that's idle, you might want a better heatsink. Some will argue, but I've seen lots of posts saying the Orbs aren't good enough. Don't really know who to believe.

    BTW, not quite sure what to think about your CPU speed in Probe. I never noticed that section of the software before but I checked it and my 1.2GHz shows a current and max speed of 1200. Perhaps you have an unlocked multiplier and can therefore set it as high as 1200 though possibly not stable?
  2. THe max speed is the fastest speed supported by your motherboard in the PC Probe.

    As for the Temperature, I have an Asus P3B-F, running a coppermine 750, and my PC Probe tells me that my mobo is 21, and my cpu is 24. As far as what you the correct temp is, I have no idea what's too hot, I just like running my stuff really cool. I suppose if you'Re not crashing left and right, your cpu is cool enough.
  3. Thanks for the info people (non gender generalization for the politicaly correct). I get 50-51c when online and playing MP3's. I have installed MBM and it agrees with the other monitors I am using :O( I was hopeing for the 10 degree Probe related drop.

    BTW....Does anyone know what the 3 sensors are when running MBM on a ASUS A7V133 (KT133A) ?


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    The sum of the intelligence on the planet is a constant; the population is growing.
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