ASUS i7-740QMN + Nvidia Geforce 425M 1GB or ASUS i7-740QMN + ATI Radeaon HD5730

I would like to buy one of them but I am not certain wich one is the best from Costco with a 2 years full warranty ?

1) ASUS N61JQ-QHDB1-CBIL @ 1,149.99 $ cdn
i7-740QMN @ 1,73 GHz
Nvidia Geforce 425M 1GB
16 INCHES 1366 x 768
500 GB SATA 7200 RPM
The other parts are identicals

2) ASUS N53JQ-QHDX2-CBIL @ 1,199.99 $ cdn
i7-740QMN @ 1.73 GHz
ATI Radeaon HD5730 1GB
15.6 INCHES 1366 x 768
640 GB SATA 5400 RPM
The other parts are identicals

That laptop will be given to a young student of 14 with the best score at school ?

Thank you very much for your help.
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  1. Hello JF47;

    Both are excellent choices for a powerful computer. A very powerful computer. Overkill for educational purposes.

    But for gaming the one the with better video card is the better choice and that would the N53JQ & HD 5730.

  2. HI WR2,

    Yes, I am aware that a student doesn't need such a powerful system... but as all young peoples of his age, he wants to use it for game also :)

    Thank's for your comment.
  3. I agree with WR2,the second system will give you much better gaming performance.
  4. Hi,

    I just check the system you both agreed at the Costco and it's now ''Out of stock'' :(

    Now, I have to find a second one to be able to compare?|84|22497&lang=en-CA&whse=BCCA&topnav=

    Also, the reason why I want to buy it at Costco in Canada, it's because they offer a 2 years full warranty. If it's defective, they will replace it or give back your money with no problems, their warranty is extremely good.

    Thank you for your help Maziar
  5. It's not like the other choice wasn't a good option. It was just a bit better in the gaming performance.
    There are no real price & performance comparisons available at Costco because of the limited choices available there.

    ASUS G73JW-QHDA1 i7-740QM, 4 GB RAM, 750 HDD 17.3" 1920x1080 LCD
    & GTX 460M gaming graphics is a nice step up over the HD 5730.
    But it's also a higher price bracket too - $1480.
  6. HI,

    The 17.3 inches wide screen is too big and a laptop with such a big screen is sometime too heavy. I really prefer a 16 / 15.6 inches screen.

    Yes, it is more powerful but too much for a student of 14 year. When you want to pay 1,500 to 2,500 $ for a laptop, this laptop will be for an adult with bigger needs.

    Thank you for your help.
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