Bluetooth not allowing Playback

So I can't seem to get my audio from the computer to playback on my bluetooth headset. I'm using ventrilo, and it doesn't allow me to select bluetooth as my output device. It seemed to pair to it alright... btw it's a motorola c305 and I'm using Windows 7 x64.
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  1. Is this a cell phone? I'm looking for some spec sheets on the device and haven't been successful in finding one indicating it's a bluetooth headset.

    Is this the device you're referencing?
  2. This may be a mundane question but does your computer currently have a Bluetooth card installed, either when bought or added on?
  3. Not a mundane question...a good one to check.. I have an Asus Deluxe motherboard that has bluetooth. The computer sees the device, and I'm able to use it as a mic. But I can't select it as an output device in audio in control panels. It just doesn't show up as such.
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