What if my c: drive is in the red can you move the OS to the D: drive

How do I back C drive to blue using Sandisk Cruzer Glide 32GB?
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  1. you can't move your whole c:\ to the USB drive.
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    Lol extreme. your bad advice needs a ban.

    OP. Please clarify. Why is a usb drive involved?

    In general run disk cleanup, empty recycle bin, turn off hibernate and delete the file, uninstall programs and delete files
  3. You can move some picture files and files tht you created yourself to your usb drive if you want. However unksol gave some a few good options.

    You can also move some files to your D: drive but not certain what that drive is; It might be a recovery partition.
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  5. Thanks unksol, that works for me.!!!!!
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