What monitor should I get for my new PC

I am in the process of doing a $1,500 build for my gaming PC and I am looking for a monitor. Right now my work computer and gaming PC share the same 2 monitors. I saw this new monitor from LG and was thinking about eliminating my dual monitor setup and going with this monitor. Just looking for some thoughts on this monitor or which monitors i should go with for a Work/Gaming PC.

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  1. This looks very extragant and rare. Are they even on the market? I doubt you'll find first-hand experience or expert knowledge in this direction here (there probably aren't so many people on earth who can get you a general and informed advice on a thing like that, unless you give more specific personal requirements of your monitor needs). But one thing I feel sure of is that this will be one of the most expensive elements of you 1,500 build, or even exceed it.
  2. That's a unique device, but it's only 2560x1080 - you can get a 2560x1440 27" IPS panel for $330 from Korea:

    Or if the lack of warranty is off-putting, the same from HP for $650:

    I would expect the 21:9 LG to cost somewhere in between these options, and maybe more, with fewer pixels. But if 21:9 sounds good to you, go nuts.
  3. What would you recommend for a dual screen monitor? I just hate the bezel in between and would want minimal bezel's between each monitor.
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