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Introduction + DEVCode

Last response: in Video Games
August 4, 2005 9:13:45 PM

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I was just reading articles on and came across
the one on Dev codes... i might be at a loss for context but because i
just started posting here a few months ago w/o introducing myself i
thought i would introduce myself and post mine... ;) 

code stuff at:[].txt

**Note: I am not actually a bad writer so if you see one of my posts
that looks like it was written by a 4 year old then please understand i
write most of these posts while doing other things and am in a hurry
often :) 

I first heard of Nethack when i was oh... probably 9-10 or so (am 17
now...) and I loved it from the start... :) . I guess I am lucky that I
never really became a generic, graphics obsessed, gamer like many... i
think its great there are still people, like on this comunity, who care
more about gameplay then the flashiest new 3d graphics engine! I live
in Oregon, Program as a hobby now but am going to study CS in college,
and tend to use lots and lots of ...'s.

There thats pretty much me.

Oh, and i use windows and know nothing about linux or mac but of course
as a CS Major to be i am sure i will....

I am working on a RL called CHAZM... no it doesent stand for
anything... it is part of the game. It just looks so much better in all
caps! ;) . I hope that chazm will be released (not OS, sorry :(  ...) in
under a year but it is moving slowly and i have way to many hobbies for
my own good.... CHAZM will be a very serious project. I have worked on
it for about a half year now and have done similar projects that never
got past "What is your name?: "!

I am extreemly ambitious but wish for my work to speek for itself so
i'll try not to rant about cool features or whatnot (unless i need help
:) ) until it is released! I wish to have a thouroughly playable and
alpha and beta tested game before its release.

I will alphatest among friends... then beta test among a large group
and then once its perfect release it beta on the internet for all to
play and the create version 1.0.0 once i feel that all/most of the tiny
bugs only a huge group could find are gone!

I wouldn't call it a pet project because i am really serious about
making CHAZM a priority and making it a great game but it is really
just a hobby... it will be free and everyting! I tend to subscribe more
to the freeware: its secrets will remain longer to make the game fun if
its not OS.... But anyway...

To the subject at hand:

L:C++ //very OO


T+++ //!!! maybe T++ but only because im busy a lot...

R+ // R+++ if you count the QB attempts *laughs*

P+ // only windows :(  but it will be very modular with
separate interface

D+++ //++++ I think planning and testing is the _MOST_ important

G // halfway inbetween G- and G+, I will use lots of info files
but mostly for storage (G-) but will try to allow plugin-scripts in
future versions! :)  (G+)

F:VNHACK // but not much time to play... and im not to good at it
because of that! dlvl 9 maybe...

RL++ // but its better as a dungeon crawl ;) 

RLA- // but hope to be RLA+++ someday! any ideas on how to be more
involved in the community aside from posting often?...

W:F // maybe W:D F ... we'll see!

Q++ // but none nessessary and many out of the way...

AI+++ // maybe AI+ to start with... but "AI is the KEY!"

!GFX // maybe some a tiles option in MUCH later version for the
whimps*! *just kidding*

!SFX // mayyyybe in the distant____> future (as an option)

RN++++ // but NHACK style general guiding plot... but with random
dialogue eventually... already on the drawing board!

HP+++ // dnd style level*classhp.... but maybe not too extreem...

RE++ // maybe RE+

S++ // well maybe a few hidden easter eggs and funny names... and a
guild of time traveling wizards who bring back things like chainsaws
and g...u...n...s from the future ... but most players will never see
any of those things...

Intricacy is the name of the game... sorta.

I think RLs are the most fun when they are detailed and intricate and
all that. Conversations, quests, secret guilds, far off outer planes
you can rarely get too are all on the drawing board....

FOV and inventories are being coded ;) 

Well.... Thoughts?


is my website... though its really mostly just old projects like an
arcade shooter thats full of bugs and an unreleased screensaver...

;)  I'll see y'all 'round!


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August 5, 2005 12:37:07 PM

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> Just one: good luck!

Thanks. I'm doing my best ;) !

August 5, 2005 11:29:04 PM

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"Thomas" <> wrote in message
> [..]
> Well.... Thoughts?

Just one: good luck!

My DC has been occupying my sig for quite a while.

L:p yt E+++ T-- R+ P+++ D+ G+ F:*band !RL RLA-
W:AF Q+++ AI++ GFX++ SFX-- RN++++ PO--- !Hp Re-- S+
August 5, 2005 11:29:05 PM

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Glen Wheeler wrote:
> "Thomas" <> wrote in message
>>Well.... Thoughts?
> Just one: good luck!
> My DC has been occupying my sig for quite a while.

Maybe a revised&expanded version would be welcome? :-)
At your service,
Kornel Kisielewicz ( []
"Girls are good teachers, even though they don't know a thing
about roguelikes" - Igor Savin