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Hello everyone, I know when i got this intel Plll i was taking a risk,But now that I have it I need some help. I have a msi board with a Plll 1 Ghz and a alpha pep66 heat sink with artic ultra silver paste.When my son plays a nascar game the cpu warning alarm goes off and says cpu is too hot. It reads 64 c. until he quits the game. Is that way to hot for this cpu? It runs at 42 to 48 C when i am on the internet and never gets that hot. Do i need to check my heat sink to make it did not shift.I also have two case fans running. Thanks for your help!
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  1. without knowing anything else about your system - generically - yes it is *indicating* hotter than it should be.

    What monitor software are you using? Do a search and use motherboard monitor (my fav) and see what that thinks. Do another search and see if SiSoft Sandra thinks your temp is as high as your software says.

    MBM has been at most 3 degrees out for me (but no warranty on your setup) whereas the default software with my Asus mobo (Asusprobe) has been 13 degrees out!!!

    Some people like to shutdown/reset their system then check their temperature in Bios as that is usually more reliable too.

    1st check what you are running at, not what your software tells you. If you are really running hot - then fix it. It sounds like either your software is off, your case is a toaster oven with no airflow (you should be able to monitor motherboard temperature using Sandra or MBM and it really shouldn't be over 30 degrees.) - the final possibility is that your heatsink is not on your cpu properly.

    On the last note - did you instally your cpu yourself? Did the heatsink have a little pad on the bottom? Did you use it? I hope not. Well, that's a little harsh, but you will get much better cooling using thermal paste - e.g. Artic Silver. Clean the CPU die and heatsink base using a mixture of alchohol (nail varnish remover is a good one) lint free cloth and thumbnail. Get everything spotless (no fingerprints) and then apply a thin layer (like virtually see through) of paste and apply your heatsink. Check out ariticsilver.com for more details.


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