Intel Confidential?????

Well here is a question of well deserved concern. Has anybody ever heard of a cpu from Intel, call the "CONFIDENTIAL" I recently baught a cpu from an add in the Recycler. The cpu is a Pentium 3 750E Confidential. Well this cpu has a unlocked multyplier and is very much so overclockeable..... I was just wondering if anybody had any info about this special cpu from Intel... If you do, I was just curious how high i can OC this Pentium God and so forth and so on, Ya know? Thanks all for your help.......

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  1. as far as I know, that chip is a testing sample and should not have been sold.

    but, I could be wrong.

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  2. Engineering samples still had the same limitations as other processors for the most part. You can try 7.5x133, and be happy if it is stable.

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