Driver fpr ASUS VL246H monitor

Win 7 64 bit version, ASUS VK246H monitor. Where do I get the correct driver?
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  1. You do not need a driver for Windows 7. What problem are you having?
  2. You don't need a driver unless you are attempting to use the built-in webcam.

    If you need the driver, then go to Asus' website.
  3. Thank you for the responses. I guess the only problem I'm having is that the screen size of the display leaves about one inch on both sides and around 3/8 inch along the top and bottom of the screen. These areas are black all the time. Seems like I could have bought a monitor that is a couple of inches smaller to get that size picture. Try as I might, I cannot figure out how to adjust screen size. I'm sure the buttons along the lower right side of the front of the monitor should be able to accomplish that, but I'll be hanged if I can make them do it.
  4. First, make sure your desktop is set to the native resolution of your monitor.

    Second, look in your monitor manual and enable automatic settings.
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