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I have an Advent 7206 downgraded to Windows XP Pro (SP3), but I can't find the proper "AUDIO DEVICE ON HIGH DEFENIION BUS"; nor can I find other drivers, such as ethernet controller, and SM Bus controller.

I have looked on the internet and keep coming to "Intel SP33543", but it doesn't seem to want to work.

The graphics are fine, but I really need sound!

I am not a computer sort of person, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hello Ramesses;
    Did you not find the drivers on the Advent website?
    Drivers are software written to match the hardware requirements.
    If Advent won't make those available then you'll need to research the actual parts (ethernet controller, audio chip, SM bus controller) down the manufacturer's part number and try and find drivers to match.

    HWiNFO32 is a program that can help you do that by inspecting and getting detailed reports on the hardware installed.
  2. Sometimes if you can figure out what driver came with the system originally, you can track its predecessor/successor drivers that way.
  3. WR2,

    I have gone to the Advent websight, but all I see is adverts for computers.

    As I said earlier, I am completely computer incompetent. I have only just figured out how to record TV programs on my video recorder. (I will be 73 in September, so I'm not a young wizzkid.) How do I find which part numbers I need.

    All I know is that it is an Advent laptop with 2706 on the back, and Intel chipset.

    Also, the laptop I am using is not connected to the internet. I am using the internet in the local library for this forum; therefore I can download drivers, etc, but I cannot connect to the internet to let it scan my computer.
  4. Did the laptop work before you did the downgrade to WinXP?
    Age isn't a barrier to getting good use out of a computer. My 82yo Dad just got his new Lenovo Z560 laptop up and running on Windows 7.

    Device Manager can tell you about the specific parts in your laptop.
    How Do I Open Windows XP Device Manager?"

    The 4 best ways to download drivers for your computer hardware

    How To Update Drivers in Windows XP
  5. OK. I have managed to find my soundcard is a conexant and it seems to have installed OK; the yellow question mark has disappeared and I am now getting awful squeaking noises instead of nothing.

    But when I tried to use the volume level control I got a message saying “there is no active mixer device available – go to control panel and add hardware.” I did this and the computer switched off and it took about three or four attempts to boot up into windows again (panic time for a while).
    Is the missing device hardware or software? Is my soundcard broke?

    There are still some yellow question marks in the other devices
    Ethernet controller
    Mass Storage controller
    Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus
    Network controller
    SM Bus Controller

    What do I need to do now?
  6. My guess is you did not choose the correct driver for your Conexant sound chip.
    Where did you get the Conexant driver? What version was it?
    What is the hardware model of the Conexant chip?

    You can try the Intel Driver Utility tool to see if can find the right drivers for you:
    Intel Driver Update Utility

    Otherwise, same procedure for each hardware device. Find the correct drive to match the hardware and install.

    Did you have these problems before you downgraded to WinXP?
  7. Advent 7206 Laptop specs
    Made By Quanta: EAA-89 TW3M

    This link says the laptop should have come with "a Notebook Utility CD" which contains a copy of the drivers and user manual".
  8. I was advised to look up a similar model for sale on the internet and look at the specifications, which said that it was a conexant soundcard, so I then entered “conexant high definition audio driver,” and then found the one for Windows XP, assuming they were all the same and that it would be the right one.

    I have now looked further into it after your last suggestion and found it is a conexant rd02 d450 driver, but the only sites I can find want me to download a scanning program first, which I can’t do, or want me to pay, when I know there must be free drivers out there somewhere - If I wanted to pay, I would just take the damn thing into a repair shop and have done with it .

    I was given the laptop by someone, and therefore I do not have a CD or manual. However, I did manage to download the manual from the internet and it gave me a link to a support site, where I could buy a cd of drivers. And bearing in mind that the original laptop had Vista on it, the CD would propbably be no good anyway.
  9. Never pay for driver software (except maybe from the MFGR's own support site) or download anything besides the actual driver.

    There are too many dodgy websites that can do more damage than good - including sending you malware like Trojans, Viruses and the like. Or just sending you the wrong driver.

    Now that you know the actual hardware was manufactures by Quanta I hope that will help.
  10. Here is something on the HP website that might offer a clue. (and it also shows how driver support should be done)
    It mentions:
    System requirements: "Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio," (or later) must be installed on the notebook before installing this driver.
    Uploaded with
  11. I downloaded the drivers from the site you recommended, and the directions state that I should install driver sp32646 first, which I did. I then tried installing the 35682 driver and got the message ‘CANNOT FIND AUDIO DEVICE FOR THIS DRIVER’.

    I am begin ning to lose patience with this and am wondeing whether I might just get it fixed by a repair man after all.
  12. How would you feel about trying a Windows 7 install?
    It has really excellent driver support.
  13. I have never tried Wndows 7, but as long as it is nothing like Vista, then I would certainly be willing to give it a try. Problem is, how much does it cost, and would it be cheaper to have my XP fxed by someone who knows what they are doing.
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