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Hello, my AOC WJ1780PI monitor has currently stopped working properly. I find that i can't go onto the menu to select brightness, contrast etc and that without me doing anything, he brightness will suddenly decrease to lowest setting. Anybody know what i can do to fix this?
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  1. Most monitor issues are related to bad power supplies. If you are willing to attempt to open up the monitor, identify the power supply, confirm it has bulging electrolytic capacitors (the most common problem with power supplies), and then either replace the capacitors using a soldering iron or ordering a new power supply, then yes, you might be able to fix it yourself.
  2. Sorry, poor description on my part. What i meant was that every few minutes the brightness and contrast setting will come up, and without me doing anything, decrease to it's lowest setting. I can temporarily turn it's brightness back up, but it'll do the same thing again. No buttons work to bring up menu, turn off monitor etc. It displays images fine, and from what i can tell it's not a power supply fault.
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