Please help me create a bootable Windows 7 DVD

I have Windows 7 installation files in a folder on my HDD. I also have several other applications in the same folder (about 4 GBs)that I would like to put into a bootable DVD so that if I boot from DVD drive, Windows 7 installation will initiate. I then want to be able to access the same DVD to install the additional applications. Can someone please give me directions (ideally using imgburn or ashampoo )to create a bootable DVD that will automatically boot to the Windows 7 setup (or boot so that I can run Win 7 setup manually) ? Once Windows is installed, I can then access the DVD and install the other applications. Thanks.
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  1. I'm not sure what install files you have on your disk. You may not be able to create a bootable install disc from them. Go to They can answer almost any question about installing Windows.

    There is a tutorial there for creating a bootable flash drive. I strongly recommend it. Get an 8GB or 16GB drive. Put your Win7 boot install on it. Then add all the programs you want to install.

    Two BIG advantages. Win7 will install at least twice as fast. And you can add and delete the programs you want to install at any time without affecting the Win7 install files.
  2. imgburn can do it!
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