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Hey, I have a problem with my laptop, its a Toshiba Satellite P200 and I've had it for about 3 years now. I have had no problems until recently where whenever I boot it up it and login immediately after I get to my desktop the screen goes black and the HDD light stops blinking (however it does boot up fine in safe mode) . I have reinstalled the OS (Windows Vista) as well as replaced the HDD but I still have the same problem. I am interested to know if anyone might have an idea what could specifically be wrong with it. Is it something I can replace/upgrade like the RAM or CPU or do you think it's mobo related and I should just look at purchasing a new laptop?

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  1. Upgrading the RAM would not help in this case; if it works fine in safe mode, it could be the graphics adapter that is causing the problem, more specifically some driver-related files.
    Try downloading and installing the latest drivers for the graphics adapter while in safe mode and then reboot. If it still does not fix it, probably the adapter itself is damaged.
  2. Agreed - if it doesn't occur in safe mode, you have a software issue. Did you install all your drivers? Did you install the Intel or AMD Chipset drivers?
  3. I recently replaced the hdd and did a clean install of Vista. I also downloaded all the drivers for my particular model off the Toshiba website and installed them. It was working fine until recently and since I have only been able to log in in safe mode. I think house70 might be correct with his assumption that my graphics adapter may be damaged. Guess I should just look at replacing the laptop. Thanks for the info, appreciate it :)
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