Windows 7 no login box,no image,no other function box

I have windows 7 Ultimate and my problem is that while booting my windows boots till the login page ,but i cannot find any login box to enter password and no icons to restart or perform any kind of function,,the function ALT-CTRL-DEL is useless,i can just see is "Windows 7 Ultimate" written on the bottom of my screen and nothing else with blue windows background.My keyboard is useless at that time and can just move the cursor.I have not installed any new Software or Hardware. I'm facing this problem from past 2 days. Also there is no login box or any functions,when i start system in Safe mode.
configurations:Windows 7 Ultimate.

Please revert back to my problem asap.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Put your install disc in and try a start up repair.
  2. I did the start up repair,but it says windows cannot fix your problem automatically.
    yesterday i was just going through the commands and i typed "C:\windows\explorer.exe" .so it said it cannot find explorerframe.dll and i think that is the main problem for my startup .
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