Please Help! I think i'm screwed! Dead Die!

even though i've read about it happening to people, I never thought it would actually happen to me, I think I may have damaged the processor die on my 1200mhz Tbird Socket A chip, provided it a link to a high resolution scan I made and I would like some options on weither I should get a new one (which I cannot afford) or tinker with it some more.

please note you may have to remove the "www" or add it for that matter to get the link to display remotely, geocities is weird. Thanks anyone!


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  1. RIP son.

    Toz Alaikum.
  2. You poor thing namgorf!! You read about all the problems and went out and bought one anyway? Oh well at least you can make a cool keyring out of it now. Or maybe you can paint it and pretend it still works and sell it to one of the retarded AMD zealots at this forum? I'm sure one of them will buy it. Oh don't worry, they will have to learn how to turn their computers on before they can tell its broken. I also read somwhere that if you attach a busted AMD unit to a dogs brain you can get it to stop barking. After further investigation though I found out they weren't really attaching it to the dog's brain, rather they were lifting up it's tail and raming the AMD cpu up it's arse. Even then it would pop out melted and smelly. Much like your cpu.

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  3. what are you talking about? it looks brand new! ;-)

    send that pos right back to the AMD, not the dealer-that sold you that mini-chernobyle.

    AMD owes you big time.

    nice pic btw, I like the big red arrow pointing out the fragility that is AMD.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  4. You guys are total bastards man, he comes in here asking for help and you guys bash AMD. Sorry about your chip man.

    It's better to be pissed off than pissed on :)
  5. Your CPU looks quite dead to me. I'd recommend a CPU that has some kind of thermal cutoff switch so this never happens. The P3 has one that will turn off the CPU if it reaches a certain temperature. (This will lockup your system instead of frying it.) The P4 comes with that and another better one that actually cuts the speed in half if it gets dangerously close to meltdown temperatures. This allows you to save your work and do a proper shutdown instead of just locking up.


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  6. you ask if it's dead...does that mean that you have tried it and it doesn't work? or do you just assume it won't work because it chipped? my 900mhz t-bird has a few minor chips around the edges and is purring along at 1.05ghz with no problems
  7. Hey - you can only give it a go. If you are worrying about crushing the die further - get a copper shim - that will help balance your heatshink better during mounting.

    Fire her up and see if it works - if it doesn't the I'm afraid you are SOL. Sorry man.

    Oh - and don't worry about the comments from the loser squad - they are just bitter 'cos they spent an extra $150 getting the same performance us AMD users had!

    Try it - it can't hurt - but it does look kinda beat up...

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  8. Forgive me if I am wrong but that looks like pressure damage not Heat Damage.....

    BTW sorry to see you CPU like that dude

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  9. Oh! and lets see you make a p4 work on an amd mobo.

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  10. Hmmm that looks like just the top layer of the core is broken off a little. Just because that's chipped, doesn't mean the CPU's dead. (Hey, if it can't take damage, how do you think they manage to etch the name/specs of the chip on it?)

    Not to mention which, I know two accounts of chipped cores that still work. One was from a hardware review site; the other is someone I know personally.

    If you haven't already, try it. See what happens.

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  11. Did you even bother looking at the scans? It's not a thermal problem, it's a chipped core. You guys are just so eager to spew off on admitted, but managable faults that you don't even look at the evidence presented.

    And tonestar, please watch your language, or we may have to discuss your imaginary friend some more.

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    In practice, there is.
  12. My duron has got a similar damage from mounting a Chrome Orb (a creature of Satan, but it looks real good with a candle in it). My is just fine. It´s not sure your CPU is wasted, try it out with a different HSF you don´t have anything to lose now do you? ElanVital FSCUG3 is really easy to install btw

    Too bad if its really broken...
  13. "It's not a thermal problem, it's a chipped core."

    From putting on a large heatsink, no doubt. The high thermal temperatures also cause the CPU to become brittle.


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  14. Not when they're within the nominal temp.

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  15. "Not when they're within the nominal temp"

    And was this the case?


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  16. I don't know. you tell me.

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  17. Looking at the processor, it looks very much overheated. But I leave the question to the one who owns the CPU.


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  18. Thats a good enough scan to see if the bridges were closed.

    Re-read his posts, he says he damaged it. I will assume, yeah assume that he damaged it with the HSF install.

    That chip is half the length of the core. return it if you can. its only gonna get worse if you try to install it again.

    Laying it on carpet doesnt help much =P
  19. Isn't bashing AMD a sport like it is for Intel?

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  20. Thanks to everyone who actually took the time to care and respond, minus the AMD bashing. I have no loyalties other than proformance, this is just one of my systems. Intel is swell if you got the cash. Leave it at that. Now to adress some of the questions.

    This processor was at factory clock with great tempertures. I have some major heat producing componets to my case, such as a TV card (hot as hell) an ELSA GLoria II 64 meg card, 4 hard drives, and a few other hoties. So to offset this I decided to put on a friends peltier fan and see if there was any change and if it would be worth the purchase.

    I used a Globowin fan until then, my friend put on the HSF with the peltier, and there was a slight "crunch" and I guess that was it.

    When I boot the system does some strang things, right before it clears post the screen is fill with colorful bars and lines inter-running the Bios post screen. I was pretty sure it was dead by the appearent damage, tomarrow I'm going to drop 50 bucks on a 700 duron to test my theory on the processor. If it works then we'll know for sure. Until then guys, please don't bicker, we're all techies here. Thanks again for the help everyone, I will post the results about this time tomarow. If you'd like to review the specs of my computer to help in future advice please visit this link:

    thanks so much everyone,

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  21. that cpu is dead or in a coma! dnr! dnr! don't hang on to it let it go , send back to AMD for proper burial. Get an RMA#, what ever you do; don't keep it as a momento, that's how the simians are gettin over on ppl.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  22. Dude the chip didnt fry. The person just fuc|<ed up putting on the HSF. You can fuc|< up a P3 too if your not careful, just not as easily as a Tbird core.

    Somebody call Guinness. I'm about to go zero to drunk in <b>twenty dollars!</b>
  23. try it and see if it works.
    I chipped my Duron 600 and it ran at 850, 750 was rock stable.
    just be more carefull this time;-)
  24. Yeah... that happens... an Intel-loving friend of mine pulled a heatsink off crooked, and came to get me to take a look when it would not boot after replacing the heatsink. I looked at the bottom of the heatsink and noticed a small piece of the CPU stuck in the thermal glue. This is something you have to watch out for with AMD CPUs. And as far as the Intel-biased idiots (as a few of them are imho), the fragile core is not a big enough issue to avoid AMD CPUs. It is only enough reason to make sure you know what precautions to take when installing one. It is tantamount to them telling you not go to the cheaper soda machine across the street because you will get hit by a car.... All it takes is a little caution. Sorry about the CPU though... when is the funeral?

  25. Ye, whatever. The chips dead now. Ananlogies aren't gonna do him much good.

    "Cock-a-doodle-do" is what I say to my girl when I wake her UP in the morning!!
  26. When I boot the system does some strang things, right before it clears post the screen is fill with colorful bars and lines inter-running the Bios post screen

    This is usually more indicative of a video card problem than anything else. Also, was the pelt designed with the t-bird in mind? If you tried to install a hsf designed for another type of CPU ( ie. socket 7, socket 370 et all) chances are that the tension was incorrect for the cpu you were attempting to mount it to. Not to mention that if the pelt was not rated at high enough wattage you would have fried your cpu to boot.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  27. >Laying it on carpet doesnt help much =P

    I hadn't noticed that. If the chip didn't kill it, there's a good chance that a static charge from the carpet did.

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
    In practice, there is.
  28. Alright everyone, the shop at which I now buy all my stuff (not the best prices, but it's close and they are very friendly and knowledgeable) actually let me bring in my whole system and check it with their stuff at no charge. They checked a few different CPUs all of which worked and tried mine, the dead one, in a few of theirs, which consequentially didn't work. So the people who said the CPU was dead win the prize! Sorry Intel fans, it wasn't heat damage. It was a socket 7/370 fan that obviously had the wrong tension and thus cracked the die.

    I purchased a 1300mhz AXIA 200mhz fsb to replace it, I also got an Alpha PAL6035MUC heatsink and used my large Globowin fan, which is getting superb tempertures now. The system is more or less stable, but I'm having to re-install windows due to some conflicts from rearranging EVERYTHING in my case and a faster CPU I believe. So once windows is reinstalled I will post a follow up to this. Again, thanks to everyone who helped me make my decision. I'm also going to pursue an RMA return on my older CPU, I will keep this thread going until everything is great. By the way, at the shop I was able to boot into windows just fine with all cards removed but the video, so it's obviously IRQ and other resource conflicts that will be corrected by the re-install. While in windows I ran a quick Norton system benchmark, and it was 708, over 60 point increase from the 1200 tbird. I'm quite happy =), apart from being out 260 bucks.... =Þ


    PS: here is the link to the site for the shop where I got my stuff from, very cool guys.

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  29. We are just all glad it worked out for you in the end :)

    Jump, Jump Now!!
  30. True enough MeltDown...but we AMD`ers do it for 30 percent less cost. :)

    I want to die like my my sleep...not screaming in terror like his passengers.
  31. Well I'm happy to say that my system is now back up and running stable. I upgraded to a 1300mhz tbird while I was at it. I also re-did a few of my benchmarks and updated the info on my system specs page: which now reflects the new hardware. However I haven't retested my Quake3 benchmark.

    Thanks agian for all the advice, the CPU is running at about 105 normal and 112 with a cpu load, that alpha heat sink is really a nice item. Thanks again! Now to try and get the company to replace my old CPU.


    "...and remember, when you touch yourself, the saints cry."
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