Help--Athlon 1.33G scores a dismal 3DMark

I just upgraded my old Pentium III 700 which was running on a 440BX motherboard. It scored 3068 on 3DMark2001. After changing out the motherboard to an Athlon 1.333 GHz/Iwill KK266 using the same exact SDRAM and 3D card (GeForce 2 Pro) I get about 1270 on the same benchmark.

The frame rates in 3D games are less than half what they were on my old Pentium III 700. How is this possible??? I even tried cranking up the FSB to 143 so the CPU is now running at 1433 MHz, but that made no difference. It's still slow as piss running 3D games.

Any ideas? What can I do to fix this?
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  1. Have you compared your scores with others who have your setup? Are your scores anywhere near them?


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  2. .....aahhhh.....yet another dissapionted Athlon customer. Maybe you can get together with namgorf....and drink away your blue's....

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  3. Drivers make a big difference. You need to download the latest GeForce2 drivers from, also the latest BIOS updates, etc.

    From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
  4. Rest assured your system will get faster!!!!

    My 1.33 with a little 'tweaking' currently posts over 4300 in 2001 and over 9700 in 2000.

    1st question, what operating system are you using?

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  5. ><i>My 1.33 with a little 'tweaking' currently post over 4300 in 2001 and over 9700 in 2000.</i>

    yours seems to be getting slower.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  6. Jeez you're dumb AmdMeltdown.

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  7. Uh, did anyone read my post? I said I got up to 3068 with the EXACT SAME setup, the only difference being the motherboard and cpu. So I'm comparing it with a P3 700 system.

    When I upgrade from a P3 700 to an Athlon 1333, I expect that the scores would IMPROVE somewhat, not the other way around. Unfortunately the Athlon 1333 runs similar in speed to a Pentium 150. This is exactly the nightmare I was dreading when I decided to jump on the AMD bandwagon as Tom reccommends. Looks like that was huge mistake.

    The system is exactly the same besides the cpu and motherboard. The drivers are Detonator 10.80, not that it would make this big of a difference. What I'm thinking is there must be some kind of configuration mistake somewhere, but all I did was to turn it on and load BIOS defaults. Maybe someone knows of an Athlon or KT133A tweak guide somewhere?
  8. Well it cause your using a crappy via chipset. Try formatting and getting new drivers. You should got SiS, ALi, AMD chipset. VIA KT133a vs. 440bx don't make me laugh the 440bx is more stable and runs almost any card with no problems. Remember Intel is the best chipset maker out today. Even i wish there was a 440bx or i815 for the Athlon. i wish everything was on the same socket again "good old socket7 days".

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  9. Hi,

    Well it's very good of you to have thought of me and my pc and show due concern for our welfare.

    Fortunately I'm happy to report that it's running faster than ever having just posted scores on 3D2000 and 3D2001 of 4496 and 9939 respectively.

    **Hmm got carried away there - actually 4496 on 3D2001 and 9939 on 3D2000 - but I'm sure everyone guessed that anyway**

    You know (well obviously you couldn't possibly know, but you do now), I own a PIII as well, was very happy with it, and still am. Just bought it a new case and heatsink and it's doing a great job.

    For my new system I wanted the fasted, best system that seemed to fit my needs. I'm pretty handy, so I wasn't too daunted with the warnings of crushed CPU dies on AMDs, also I'm running well within temp limits (whilst posting those 3DMarks I never went over 41 degrees).

    I'm not going to get into a big slanging match with you about AMD vs. Intel. This time round AMD fit my needs. Maybe nextime the P5 wil be the chip of choice - who knows?

    One thing I do know - when I see you posting all this JUNK not only putting AMD down - but also putting down new/possibly inexperienced users/posters when they are having a bad time of it - I come right off the fence and proudly stand in the AMD camp - because it's the one that you are not in.

    If you don't have any constructive advice to offer I'm sure everyone on this forum (with the exception of a very small minority, who we'd also like to leave, thank you very much) would rather you took you and your offensive attitude and unloaded it somewhere else.


    I feel better for saying that.

    Good night.

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  10. i kinda wonder why you spent money to upgrade that system.
    anyway i have the same problem with a 1ghz@266 athlon and a radeon card. my 3dmark is horrible my p3 600 tnt2 ultra beats it. my 3d mark with the radeon is like 1300 but it runs quake3 fine.
  11. Well - of course it isn't going to work with exactly the same setup.

    Did you update windows (if it is 2k) yet to support the UATA100 controller properly? Are you running Via 4in1 4.29? Possibly not having just swapped from a 440BX...

    Swapping mobos, CPUs and chipsets is not out with the old, in with the new operation - it does require a little finishing!!!

    Try the latest windows updates, via 4in1 4.29 drivers and then come back and let us know where you are.

    Failing that you may need to reinstall your OS. I'd usually do this as a matter of course anyway.

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  12. did you try the tnt2 in the AMD yet?

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  13. Thanks for the tips so far. I have downloaded and installed VIA's "4in1429" drivers, and my 3DMark2001 score has jumped from around 1270 up to 3666! A huge improvement and already it is faster than my old 440BX/P3-700 system. I guess those drivers do something after all, heh.

    Now I will check Windows Updates to see if there is anything Microsoft has to offer.

    After that, I will start tweaking the FSB and CAS latency settings and see how much better it can get. I see many, many people scoring over 4000 with the Athlon running at 1333, so I figure I should be able to get it up to 4000 before starting with the overclocking stuff.
  14. You also want to check your IRQ setting for device sharing/conflicts. You wanna make sure your video card is not sharing an IRQ with and other card. Might be problems there as yes, Via is know for screwy AGP performance. See, the score isn't your chip, it's your system. My Duron 700 with GeForce 256 gets like 2000 3DMark2001 and 5200 3DMark2000. I'm sure your system will be smokin soon.

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  15. <b>>My 1.33 with a little 'tweaking' currently post over 4300 in 2001 and over 9700 in 2000.

    yours seems to be getting slower.</b>
    You seem not having a clue what you're talking about, do you?
  16. Score is still low

    Download the deto 12 drivers from:

    yes, these are the leaked drives and read the readme on removing your old drivers or:

    setup as a standard VGA reboot
    sear ch for NV*.* and delete all all from windows\system
    Load new deto 12 drivers.

    This is the best method.

    These drivers work with Geforce3 nicely too
  17. >Unfortunately the Athlon 1333 runs similar in speed to a Pentium 150.

    Apparently AMD has its own "throttle down feature" that turns your 1.333GHz processor into a P 150MHz processor – just at the moment you demand peak performance. On the other hand, you will probably still be able to check your email at 1.333GHz


    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  18. Yeah, the 4-in1 drivers allow to use your video card at AGP 4X instead of the default PCI mode.

    Try the nVidia Detonator 4 driver, version 10.80. I found it was worth about another 80 points on 3DMark2001 vs detonator 3, version 6.50.

    You will get the most gains from video overclocking but be careful.
  19. Just curious but since you like critisizing everyone else - what's your setup?

    <<Apparently AMD has its own "throttle down feature" that turns your 1.333GHz processor into a P 150MHz processor – just at the moment you demand peak performance. On the other hand, you will probably still be able to check your email at 1.333GHz>>

    I think you confused AMD with Intel, who - unlike AMD - prefer to lie about their processor heat output. I KNOW my AMD will get hot, especially overclocked, but the sad muppets who think their P4 1.5 is only going to put out 52 watts will suddently realise it'll only run seti at 750mhz. If they came clean about the power output upfront, people would use an appropriate sink, and allow the P4 to run at full capacity (about that of a 1.2AMD *lol*).

    Face it - you are not going to look clever arguing about one large organisation and it's product by comparing to another which is at least, if not more guilty of similar and other screw ups.

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  20. Unfortunately for YOU, you missed the dozen or so posts saying that he installed one simple driver and got it going faster than his other setup. LoL@you

    From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
  21. Well folks things change rather quickly. I was all happy with my performance increase with VIA's drivers, but since then things have gone downhill. I am about ready to give it up actually. I've spent over $500 on new stuff for this Athlon system and it's a piece of crap. I should have gone for the Pentium III 1GHz that I was thinking about.

    The trouble is that it crashes constantly. I've taken ALL the cards out of it except for the GeForce 2 Pro card, and yet it still crashes. My D: drive is inaccessible and has been thoroughly trashed by Windows trying to access it, as the IDE controller does not work properly, and it doesn't matter whether DMA is on or off. I've lost all my games and MP3 library that I had stored there, (it is an expensive, brand-new IBM DeskStar 45 GB drive.) I've got all the BIOS settings at their most conservative, slowest settings and yet it remains unstable. The $80 cooler keeps the cpu under 43C at all times, yet it freezes up regularly. I've tried George's PCI fix but that only made things worse, so I quickly removed it. I have only purchased the most expensive, quality components such as Mushkin PC133 Rev3 SDRAM, and I'm running it at the most conservative CL3 at 133 MHz just to be sure.

    No, I am not about to reinstall Windows 98SE again. I would rather spend another $500 on a new Pentium system instead, and throw this Athon 1.33 GHz and KT133A mb into the garbage.

    This is just a warning to anyone considering building their own Athlon system. Be aware that you will spend many many hours of hair-pulling and agony to get it working, compared to just about any Intel-based system which will be up and running in 30 minutes. I know, I've built many Intel systems. This is my first Athlon system though. I've now had it for 48 hours and it is STILL not working. I just hope the end result will be worth all this.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by TimF on 04/18/01 09:12 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  22. I have to say I think that your expectations are off if you do not accept an OS reinstall as a viable option for a new PC setup.

    If you expected to unplug your 440 mobo and plug in a Asus Via board without doing any work then I'm afraid your estimate was off. The same would be true in reverse, I'm sure.

    I wouldn't look to blame AMD ar ASUS for this - I got my system built, from scratch, in a couple of hours (including OS install and patching) and that was my first AMD system. Reading up about the required patching and updates before I undertook it helped me a lot.

    Sorry you are not having any joy with yours, but I seriously think that reinstalling 98 will do the trick. You're gonna have to do it anyway.

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  23. I just wanted to say how sorry I am about your situation. It can be e real bitch trying to get some AMD units to work. There are thousands of bad AMD posts on this forum as well as many other sites. Stick with Intel and you'll always know that it will work. I run a MSI 694D Pro board. Dual 733's running under W2K. It has the the Via 694XDP chipset (the 686A southbridge, not 686B). If your gonna run multithreaded apps its worth considering. It runs rock solid and super quick. A nice even spread of cpu utilisation, much better than my Asus P2B-DS running dual P2 450's. The board came with the Promise Ultra100 chip (nice cheap HD solution) but I gotta thing for SCSI. You should still be able to get good money for your AMD stuff. Plenty of brainwashed people who'll pay good dollars for it. Good luck!!!

    "Cock-a-doodle-do" is what I say to my girl when I wake her UP in the morning!!
  24. hey dude, just want to publicly apologize for the comments I made earlier, as I am aware now that you were mislead by the roving AMD puppies who frequent these boards.

    first of all, No amount of savings will justify the enormous amount of heartache, downtime, frustration, loss of data, incompatabilities and general disapointments you will have to put up with-when you switch to the AMD/VIA platform.

    My advice is to get back on track with Intel and in the future if you see AMD as a viable alternitive then it's ok too.

    good luck.

    "Amd cpu...Gone in 2 secs flat, it truly is a fast chip!"
  25. For those guys who cant build a system !!!
    Here is my advice : DO NOT DO IT !!!
    Go to the store and buy a brand name computer !
    If you feel brave enough to build yourself ,then dont complain when something goes wrong ! Find the solution or forget it !!!
    I have a P3-1000 and a AMD 1.33 and I dont care what will be my next proc name Intel,AMD,Cyrix! WHO CARE ???
    If the price/performance is good I gonna buy !
    Both system had problem as well ! But I never complain why I bought this why not the others ! This is very lame !
    And one more thing . Stop this stuipid AMD vs Intel war people who come here looking for solution for their problem not just read some 14 years old kids 50 post long bullshit !
    You dont wanna loose this forum ! DO YOU ?
  26. First off I want to say that any time you replace a motherboard, if you don't reformat, reinstall your OS your just asking for heartache, this should not be considered a last ditch effort but a neccesity. This would Apply if you were going from a via platform to an intel platform as well. Secondly, I am not sure if it effects your exact model number but IWILL had a recent recall on a certain model of there motherboards, check to make sure yours is not effected. After a reformat you should install your OS of choice with just the video card. After the OS is in place, install your via agp drivers, then install your video card drivers.
    Does your motherboard have an onboard promise controller or RAID setup? If so did you install the drivers for it?
    This process I would still highly recomend even if you were going from the bx to an I815 motherboard ( exception being the 4n1's)

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  27. come on Tonestar.....Do you really think the guys problems have anything to do with the Processor? You know as well as I do it is the chipset...VIA. Seeing how you have an Intel system with a via chipset help him out a bit. And BTW, SMP will not do him a bit of good with 98SE.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  28. i'm truly sorry you feel this way and for your trouble. i have no explanation. i've put together many athlon systems (as well as intel before you flaming bastards jump all over me) with no trouble at all. all run well to this day. everyting from classics to t-bird 'c's. many people i know have done the same. no chiped die's, no thermal issues (many overclocked) only suggestion to people who've had this problem is to gain more experience and to be more careful. is it worth the money to replace damaged parts over paying someone to build your system?

    At the core of every system: "I'm sorry dave, i'm afraid i can't do that."
  29. Ok. Wether it be the processor or the chipset, I can't say for sure. I've checked out other posts with the same setup and they are blaming other components. But why step into a minefield when you can just buy an Intel cpu. Does the discount really mean that much after you spend hours shuffling cards, flashing bios, reloading drivers and sometimes waiting months for the right update to come along? I think not. Once you have it running right then comes along the urge to tweak it. And then BANG!! BOING!! WHAM!!...somethings stuffed....oh it's my cpu. Is it all worth it? No. And yes if he doesn't know how to build a system maybe he shouldn't try but he sounds like he has enough experience. Its all part of being in the AMD club. Kinda like walking the streets late at night. Do it long enough and you'll probably get raped. A few people in this forum have been raped. AMD USES NO PROTECTION PEOPLE!!! Screw with them and you'll get aids and die a squealing maggot!! As for the VIA chipset, my board drives both my 733's hard and fast. I sorted out a modem problem the day I got it and it hasn't crashed once since. I walk the planet content, smiling with joy and happiness because Intel took care of me.
    Thanks for letting me in on that secret about 98se. One of my duallies runs NT and the other W2K. You are soooo clever, yes 98se doesn't support dual's. Wait I think my neighbours four year old told me that ages ago.

    "Cock-a-doodle-do" is what I say to my girl when I wake her UP in the morning!!
  30. Oh yes, and btw how is that friend of yours that works for MacDoug?

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  31. Followup: I finally broke down and bought a new hard drive so I could install a fresh clean copy of Windows 98SE to test the board. It failed miserably. I called Iwill and they said that I would need to exchange the board for a new one since they had "never heard" of my problems with the KK266.

    It's actually worse than before. Now I cannot run 3DMark2001 at all. It just crashes before the first test completes.

    The USB ports don't work either. They continue to freeze up at random intervals, about 3 to 15 minutes after a reboot. I hate Tom's Hardware and Anandtech now, for recommending the KT133A chipset. It is immature and buggy, and should not be recommended to anyone. Stick with Intel guys.

    I cannot get a refund on the board, nor can I get a refund on the Athlon 1333 processor. Apparently the dealer knows all too well that most of its customers will never get the thing to work reliably, so they don't accept refunds on them. I'm out $400 worth of stuff on this project. I'm going to cut my losses now and purchase a Pentium 4 system, as much as it pains me to support companies like Rambus. Ugh.

    Consumer agencies really ought to be contacted and alerted regarding companies such as Via that make such shoddy products and distribute them as finished products.
  32. Why didn't you exchange it?
  33. AMD is not at fault. Once again, <b>THANKS TO THE [-peep-]IEST CHIPSET MAKER OF ALL TIME VIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</b>

    From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
  34. I only wish I could myself give it a go with your components to see if it was in fact a faulty motherboard or just operator error. You may be totally correct if you got a bad motherboard, you never will get it to work right. Thats not an AMD problem or a via problem it would be a Iwill problem. Btw are you saying that your usb ports freeze up?

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  35. I was just re-reading your post, some of your components came from a bx motherboard. Is your Ram pc-133 compliant?

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  36. Sorry to hear about your situation man seriously. Good luck with what ever you get next. Always remember one thing, no matter what review you read always jump on a forum to see what problems come with it. Just check out all the problem AMD posts on this forum. What software do you run dude? Maybe a dual P3 setup might be good for you? My VIA 694xdp chipset runs my dual 733's just fine. I always get 97% to 100% cpu utilisation in CAD and 3D Max. No conflicting IRQ's, hangs or crashes. Life is just beautiful. Thank you Intel for taking care of me.

    "Cock-a-doodle-do" is what I say to my girl when I wake her UP in the morning!!
  37. Just check out all the problem VIA posts on this forum, is what is it. AMD is not at fault, however it's unfortunate it's the AMD <i>platform</i> which has problems.

    From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
  38. I don't see how operator error could come into play here. There is not much to screw up. It's just a motherboard, cpu, cooler, psu, harddrive, memory. You just plug it all in and go. The parts only fit together one way. It's impossible to screw up.

    I install Windows 98SE, Via chipset drivers (4in1 4.29 the latest available), latest NVidia Detonator drivers, DirectX 8, and 3DMark2001. No-go. How can operator error be introduced? If there is a lack of information or documentation on how to make this stuff work, that is not "operator error". That is simply Via not giving a damn about their customers, the people that pay their unearned salaries.

    AMD's incompetence is also on display. How? Because they allow their nice chip to run on crap like the KT133A chipset. If they were smart, they would revoke Via's license and produce their own chipsets, like Intel does.

    Here's a tip for AMD: The only way to do anything right is to do it yourself.

    By the way, the RAM is Mushkin PC133 Rev3 SDRAM, "guaranteed to run CL2 at 150 MHz", although I don't because I want to make sure that everything on this rig is conservative and "stable". (HA!)
  39. They do make their own chipsets. The AMD760 is the best chipset available for the AMD platform. If you didn't buy it it's not AMD's fault.

    From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
  40. Oh, about the USB ports. Yes they do freeze up, but I am going to give them a chance to correct this with a swapout of the board. They asked to replace the board for me, and I agreed. The reason I'm giving them this is that it's a problem I have not seen anyone discuss before, so I'm hoping that this is just an aberration. It happens. Maybe I have one of the unlucky 1-in-1000 boards that got screwed at the factory. So, I'm waiting for a new board to come in next week to try out.

    I've also arranged to upgrade to an Enermax 350W PSU.

    I will update this again when those things happen. If it's still screwed up after all that, well then Via is just a company I will never do business with again, and will strongly discourage anyone else to as well. That probably means that I will have to lose my Athlon and go with Intel, since there aren't any other Athlon chipsets that are any better unfortunately. I hope they will exchange otherwise I lose a lot of money here.
  41. Please go with an AMD760 board. The chipset is wonderful, unlike VIA crap.

    From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
  42. I just bought this Mushkin RAM a little over a month ago. So, you can see why I'm hesitant to lose that investment by purchasing a 760 board, which requires yet another new RAM investment.

    Also, at this point I am extremely wary of investing in a brand-new chipset, with no idea of how stable it is. I hope by this time you can understand the source of my skepticism at non-Intel chipsets. If there is any reason why I should trust in the reliability of the 760 chipset after this experience that I've had with Via, please enlighten me.
  43. Yes, I see....

    However, they are two totally different chipsets, and I don't remember ever seeing any problem/complaints with the chipset.

    From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
  44. What would be cool is if Intel would just dump the whole Pentium4 group and concentrate all their efforts on making a GREAT chipset for the AMD Athlon. I think that would be the best of all possible worlds.
  45. LOL I have to agree. Intel is awsome at making chipsets. Maybe they should just make chipsets?

    From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
  46. Hey, do not take offense, It is so hard to tell ones level of expertise when communicating this way. The USB problem is a new one indeed. I do know that earlier revisions of your motherboard were recalled. Whether or not yours was is hard to say. Have you tried all this with the usb disabled to see if this is the source of the problem?

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  47. Yeah the USB is disabled now. I'm on analog 56K modem until the replacement board comes in.

    I really wish I knew a month ago what I know now. I could have saved myself a lot of money and heartache. I don't know that I would have gone with the 760 chipset either, since you can't change the clock multiplier. (I love to overclock, but so far this system I have now has been too unstable to try it.)

    What bothers me is the Via "4in1" drivers and how crappy they are. It bothers me that you can't select DMA using Device Manager without simultaneously disabling the drivers altogether. It bothers me that what little documentation seems to be written in pig-English. You can tell when technical documenation was translated by a Chinese person who didn't make very good grades in his English classes. (Applies to pretty much all Via-related motherboards.) If I'd gone with the 760 chipset, at least the documentation would have been written by an American and that would be nice to see right about now. It also bothers me that users are left out in the cold to sort it all out for themselves, and experienced Intel people that are new to the whole AMD scene (such as myself) must sort through thousands and thousands of posts all over the Internet to find out basic information just to get a Via chipset board to run. It bothers me that the primary method of fixing problems is to edit binary code with WPCREDIT, and that this dismal situation is accepted by the Via community as "normal".

    I never realized how backward the whole Via chipset community is, and that NONE of this information is provided as a warning by people like Tom Pabst. He is out there evangelizing Via's chipsets, which may very well be 10 years behind the rest of the world in quality, stability and usability. He does not give any of the negatives at all. Why? For years I thought Toms Hardware was a fair, objective viewpoint. Heh, what a fool I was.
  48. Your not using the via busmaster drivers are you????? OMG! If that is the case uninstall them immediatly. The only driver you should use from the 4n1 driver set is the agp driver and nothing else. The microsoft default drivers for yor ide devices are by far the best.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  49. Interesting because I have this motherboard KK266 as well and its been stable from the get go. Have you updated the bios to the newest, 0416? Which fixes the 686b problem in corruption and much better burnning with cdrs plus many more ram options to increase speed. Download from here:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Also here is another resource dealing with the KK266(R) which could be very helpful:

    <b><font color=purple>The Unoffical Iwill KK266 FAQ and Guide</b></font color=purple>
    <A HREF=" Optim" target="_new"> Optim</A>

    Oh yes with my rather slow 866mhz T-Bird I scored 3407 in 3dMark2001 with this motherboard and a Radeon64 Vivo.

    Work the problem and enjoy your success.

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by noko on 04/21/01 04:34 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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