My laptop wont read my usb

i have a usb with all my uni work on, im trying to open files on it but my acer aspire with windows vista wont read it when i plug it in to any of the ports, other usbs i have (mobile dongel) do work?! panicing as this essay is due in in 2 days please can any one help?!
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  1. Hello evei101;
    Does the USB thumb drive with your files work in other computers?
  2. OK, what type of 'USB' do you actually have?
    USB hard drive? Thumb drive? USB is the connection method and doesn't tell us what type of file storage you have.
  3. I have the EXACT same problem! I'm so frustrated as I might have to buy another Laptop or USB as my work at Uni is extremely important! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGH! >:(
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