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Computer Peripherals

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October 19, 2012 9:21:00 PM

The Computer I built is all finished :D  Now all that is left is the Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Headset, and a really comfy chair :D 
The Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor I already have I just want new ones with my brand new computer and its kind of silly having a Gtx 670 with using an old 19" monitor that has very poor resolution. Anyways I was planning on getting :

Keyboard: Razer Black Widow Ultimate Edition
Mouse: Razer Mamba/Naga (not sure which)
Monitor: Acer G235HAbd 23'' (3x)
Headset:Corsair Vengeance 1500 USB
Chair: Not sure

This are what I'm planning on getting but if you guys have any suggestions that are better than these that are cheaper or maybe slightly more expensive if its worth the price or just all around better.

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October 24, 2012 11:10:30 PM

Hey i have a couple of things similar to what your getting so ill try and give you abit of advice on them it may help :) .

I dont own that keyboard but i have heard good things from it Razer are normaly a good make for gaming peripherals so its a good choice all round really.

I do own a Razer naga (wired) and its great! its very comfortable to use but unless you play MMO's alot the extra buttons really are not needed and thats where the mamba would win if you can make use of the extra buttons its a great mouse.

I have the 24" version of that monitor and i have had no problems with it so far it looks good with the unique design it really stands out more than a normal standard monitor i run it with two other acer monitors but they are P226HQV's which are fine too but not quite as good looking.

The image quality is great too there are loads of options to get the image looking just how you want it as it probably wont suit you right out of the box it took me some tweaking to get the settings how i wanted it with this particular monitor.

Dont have that headset but i can recommend almost any turtlebeach headset there extremely comfortable and durable and the sound quality is good too for the price, i have had my X11's for about 3 or 4 years now and am overall extremely pleased.

As for a char i would just go with any standard office char like this one
but shop around you can get them alot cheaper than that.