Dell optiplex 745 upgrade cpuenthernet controllere for window 7 of OPTPLEX 745 f

pls upgarde driver for enthernet controllere for window 7 of OPTPLEX 745 free for internet connection to
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  1. Heres the drivers page:

    Look under the Network portion.
  2. edit CDdude55 beat me lol
  3. What is it with people these days, I mean where is the logic, take the name model number
    As it is all there. Hop over to google and type: Dell OPTPLEX 745 network driver windows 7. Its a bit quicker than posting it on a forum to get the same answer.
  4. I know I mean if i want to find something I'll google it first and then ask the community for answers if I can't find whatever I'm looking for. I just feel like people are lazy and its easier to say free drivers download and wait for answerds then actually find them yourself and learn how to use web search engines to your advantage
  5. +1 alvine, I just loose the plot at where the hell is your common sense.
    Maybe we may see one forum post some day, with someone asking how you use Google. To search for something. lol
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