Which Athlon is best for me? HELP

i am in the market to buy a new athlon and motherboard now.
i have a few questions, hopefully you guys can answer them all for me:

1. What core should i get? the 200 fsb or 266? what is this Axia thing ive seen around. also what is the Blue and Green cores? which one is better, the blue or green?
2. I have decided the Asus A7V will be good for me. what are your opinions of it? is there a better model? what about this 760 chipset? (im not interested in DDR )
3. Will i encounter any problems with my existing hardware i want to carry over. i have a Diamond v770 TNT2. creative Labs Live! Value. i have good quality 128MB of 133ram
what hardware issues might i see, i have a 300watt PS.
4. Where do i go when i do purchase to get the fixes and drivers i will probally need to fix the issues im sure to have
I plan on getting a Thermaltake Super Orb, they seem good for the price i can get them at.

Thank you for your replies. Please no one try to convince me into a P3 or P4 , its not an option.
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  1. When your super orb crushes your cpu and causes it to crumble and fail, feel free to come in here and ask for more help.

    On the other hand you could read other posts. You'd see that the super orb has many problems. It kills many CPUs and is not certified by AMD. If you insist on getting an Athlon, get another HSF. Either that, or have a webcam ready. We'd like to watch what happens.


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  2. ok i wont be getting one of those

    Which heatsink is good, not too expensive and also NOT LOUD
  3. Why are you so friggin rude? The guys wants help, not your anger venting.

    For his help: The blue core is made in Dresden Germany. The Green core is made in Austin Texas. Some Green cores are not made with copper interconnects, while all blue cores are.
    266MHz FSB is obviously better than a 200MHz FSB so you should definatley get that. I recommend a tbird-"C" so you don't have to go through the hassle of getting your "B" at 133MHZ FSB. Get an A7V133 also, not the A7V.

    I won't get into the AMD760 chipset because you stated you do not want DDR SDRAM.

    Your video card is out of date, so I recommend getting atleast a Geforce2 MX.
    Your 300W PS should suffice.

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  4. is the blue or green core better? is one harder to find then the other? i want a 1ghz TBird, do they make that in the 133fsb?

    Thanks a lot for your help
  5. The super orb itself is not a bad heatsink fan! It is trying to put the damn thing on!!! It is one of the hardest HSF I have ever done...Once it is on and you haven't broke the cpu it works good. If this is your first time mounting a HSF to an AMD look elsewhere for a fan...Pref one that is easy to put on.

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  6. You want a 266MHz FSB CPU, if you can get a motherboard that will run such a FSB. The latest KT133A motherboards are best for this if you don't want to go the DDR route.

    If you already have a mobo with a 200MHz-only FSB (like the early KT133s), a 266MHz FSB CPU might not be the way to go. You would have to do some minor modifications to such a chip with a graphite pencil to get it to its specced clock speed. Minor as these mods may be, they will void any warranty on the CPU.

    The "blue core" is better--it is guaranteed to have copper interconnects, which make for greater tolerances and higher clock speeds. As such, they are the most overclockable, and the higher speed T-birds generally come with copper interconnects. "Green cores" may or may not have copper interconnects; it's the luck of the draw.

    The "AXIA" is one of the latest steppings of the Thunderbird. Probably nobody but AMD really knows why those four letters were chosen to identify it. Every once in a while, a CPU manufacturer has to apply a new "stepping" to a CPU to get it to clock to higher speeds. The AXIA stepping has proven to be the most overclockable--I've heard of people getting 1GHz-specced T-birds with AXIA steppings and pushing them to 1.5GHz. Pretty much all the 1.3GHz T-birds have the AXIA stepping.

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  7. how can i locate an AXIA, how do i know which is which

    thanks so much of your help!
  8. SO if i buy a asus A7V133 should i run a athlon with 133/266 or 100/200 fsb?? Will it run with this board to its full potential?

    Also what hsf should i get? for value, not crazily loud and good cooling!
  9. If you get an A7V133, you bes get a 266MHz tbird. And for your information, the A7V133 has higher performance than any other KT133A mobo, so yes it will be at its full potential. As for AXIA's if your not going to overclock, don't bother trying to get a hold of one. If you really want one, I think they are sold out now, but they were selling them at <A HREF="http://www.chillblast.com" target="_new">ChillBlast.com</A>.

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  10. What was the deal with the blue cores....if i get a blue cored athlon c will it be good for overclocking??? Im a little confused with this axia core.

    also what hsf should i get? for value, not crazily loud and good cooling!
  11. Check out coolerguys.com
    they have a good variety of socket A heatsinks & fans.
    I have the alpha 6035 now and it was easy to clip on.
    The globalwin 32(not 38 which is very loud) was great but harder to clip on.
    hope this helps.
  12. Just make sure you get the one with the free frypan and the bottle of oil. That way you can fry it without having to take off your computers case. Just ask poor namgorf. All the trouble he went too, he even took a photo for us to look at. He says it didn't go to well with his fish however so I suggest you have some tomato sauce handy for when its cooked.

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  13. The Global Win FOP32-1 HSF can be purchased at crazypc.com for $17 and $5 to ship anywhere in US. I have found that has the best cooling for the dollar.
    1. IS the Athlon 1ghz c-type(133/266) better than the normal blue core(100/233) athlon for overclocking on the Asus A7V133?

    2. Is the Super orb a sufficient cooling device? if not what should i get?
  15. The C-type is almost always a blue core. The "C" types (133/266 FSB) are better than the "B" types (100/200 FSB) for anything, including overclocking. The "blue cores" are usually better than the "green cores." A green core might have copper interconnects (copper=better for overclocking), but that's not guaranteed. Any blue core will have copper interconnects.

    I would not advise a Super Orb. Not only is it extremely difficult to put on, but it does not fit on just any motherboard. There are cheaper fans (i.e. GlobalWin FOP32) that cool better and don't carry so much risk of crushing your core.

    The FOP32 has notched sides, so it will fit on any motherboard, even if the electrolytic caps (the big beer-can-shaped things standing straight up off your mobo) are right next to the socket. It's cheap and cools all right, but it's not such a great fan for overclocking.

    For serious overclocking, you want a <A HREF="http://www.noisecontrol.de/" target="_new">NoiseControl</A> Silverado, a SwifTech MC462, or something more than a HSF (like a Peltier/waterblock). You will also have to do some research to make sure such a heatsink will fit on your mobo.

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  16. >2. Is the Super orb a sufficient cooling device? if not what should i get?

    The Thermaltake Volcano II is very easy to install, and very quiet. I think I paid $15 for mine. It's done well in some benchmarks, and I've had no problems with my 1.2 GHz TBird-C.

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  17. I have a thermaltake Volcano II, is it really that good? I have never used it, is it worth trying out?

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  18. Well, my bios temps have been good. Can't remember them off-hand. I'm running linux, and mucking around with different distros, kernels etc. right now, so I haven't gotten around to setting up a temperature monitoring program just yet.

    I have been running programs that peg the CPU @ 100% for hours & days at a time with no problems. And it is very easy to install. Not that I have anything to compare it to. This is the first socket A system I've built.

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
    In practice, there is.
  19. cool. I will give it a chance

    From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
  20. asslawn 1.4 has more mhz than others
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