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All of my audio files from ripped CDs in my Music Library seem to be in two folders for each artist or CD(ex. Adele and Adele-copy). Each folder contains part of the whole CD(tracks1,3,5... and 2,4,6 etc.) with some overlap. This makes for complicated and difficult music management and transfer having 45 gigs of music files. I usually use the Zune software for ripping CDs and playing on Zune player. Now I want to transfer music to my phone, and I have twice as many folders as I should. Could this be based on folder size constraints? Any suggestions? Thanks
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  1. it seems that you have you're phone (or some other device) set to sync youre music (ie zune). connect the phone > (when zune pops up) in the bottom left click "view sync options" >set the music to manual
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