Difference between Clevo models?

Hello Forum,

I am in the market for a new gaming-grade laptop and I have narrowed down my choices to one of three Clevo/Sager computers.

Clevo P151HM1 (Sager NP8130) $1499 + OS $100
Clevo P150HM (Sager NP8150) $1589 + OS $100

I am not about to copy-paste the specs for both, though you can view them my most prefered local retailer here: http://www.affordablelaptops.com.au/contents/en-us/d6_metabox-clevo-laptop-notebook.html

Even though both of the models I have chosen seem to have the same RAM, ports, CPU, GPU (GTX460M) and upgrade potential - though one is still a full $90 more than the other. What is the difference between the two?

Are there any other similarly spec'd laptops for similar prices out on the market - preferably within Australia - or are these Clevo models (specifically the P151HM1) the best value laptops I have found?

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  1. Difference is the LED screen - the more expensive one is a "gloss"-type LED monitor and the other one is just matte.
    It is believed that glossy provides a crisper screen and is thus more enjoyable when gaming or watching movies, but may be tricky to see outside or in a heavily lighted room because of sunlight reflection, while matte is duller but has less reflection from external lighting. Have a read here.
  2. Oh, ok. I had read on websites (such as Xotic PC) there had been some models of computer that come standard with Gloss-type screens and that a Matte screen would cost more ($200+). That is why I did not pick that up straight away, with the gloss being more expensive.

    I personally prefer - and would find more useful - the Matte screens so I think the P151HM1 is the laptop for me.

  3. I think it depends, there are probably higher-quality matte screens that cost more, and lower quality gloss-type screens. But if you're happy with the matte then by all means go for it!

    Have fun with your new laptop!
  4. There are three desktop computers in my house as well as a television set and all four units have matte screens. We like to keep the windows open for natural light so that would mean hell for glossy/glassy screens.

    The only problem with this retailer is that they are not expected to get stock for another few months! So much waiting to be had :S

    Thank you for your prompt replies and good information; I will give you the "Best Answer" as soon as the button becomes active.

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