Can anyone argue with my specs for a system?

I am about to build a new system from scratch. I have a P3 800 and I want something faster. I have a buyer for my old system so I will need everything new. I have about 1500 dollars to spend. The purpose of my post is to show my system configuration and ask all of you out there if there is anyway you can improve on it without dramatically increasing the price. Thanks. Also if anyone knows anyplace I can buy stuff cheaper that would be great. Here goes.............

System Config
Antec SX830 Performance Series Case w/ 300 Watts PS from with shipping $104
ASUS A7V KT133A from $119
AMD TB 1333Mhz w/ 266 FSB from $220
256MB Micron Memory PC133 from $81
2 IBM 75GXP HD 7200rpm, 2mb cache, 30.7 G from $122/ each
1.44 Floppy from $8
Sound Blaster Live! value from $42
3com Internal PCI Hardware modem from $46
Intel 10/100 network card from $32
Aopen 12X internal IDE DVD ROM from $59
Sony (ATAPI/EDIE) CRX160E CD-RW internal drive, up to 4.8MB/s transfer rate, 12X CD-R, 8X CD-RW, 32X CD-ROM, 4MB Buffer from $103
2 Sunon 80x25 42.5CFM Case Fan (4 pin) from $9 each
Global Win FOP32-1 Socket CPU Cooler $17
Leadtek Winfast Geforce 2 Pro GTS 32MB 5.5ns DDR RAM 4X AGP Video Card with TV Out-with from $152
Logitech Internet Keyboard from $18
MS Intellimouse from $9

I think that is everything. I would of course have the IBM HDs set up as raid 0.

My total without shipping is $1272. I have estimated about $70 for shipping.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Maybe you ought to ask TimF and namgorf what they think. I'm sure they'll have lots to say.

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  2. Don't listen to tonestar, he has no idea what he is talking about. Your system sounds good. When installing, pay attention to detail and install all the latest drivers and that machine will smoke anything from Intel in that price range.

    Check out my rig:
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  3. You don't specify the memory latency - make sure it is CAS2 or CL2!

    I'd also think about uprating your PSU while you are at it. With 2 HDD, 2 x Disc , future graphics cards etc. I'd pop a 400W or more in there - then you don't have to worry. Also a higher rated decent psu works less to maintain voltage under less load. I use an Enermax 450 - fantastic.

    Good system though - should rock!

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  4. Tx a lot... I just drooled on my keboard again. That's the 5th one this week ;)

    j/k.... I think you did a very good job picking out the components... I can only imagine what it would do to my little Duron 700...

  5. Your machine is nothing special. Why do you keep dragging that boring link around? He ought to check out TimF and the nangorf post. What are you trying to do? Hide the potential problems he could be in for?

    "Cock-a-doodle-do" is what I say to my girl when I wake her UP in the morning!!
  6. <b>ASUS A7V KT133A</b>
    Is it <b>A7V</b> (KT133) or <b>A7V133</b> (truly KT133A chipset)? You should get A7V133 if you want to run your CPU at 133MHz FSB.
  7. You're nothing special either tonestar. Your credibility has gone down the toilet after ergeorge basically handed you your ass yesterday and proved you are a liar. Maybe you should have him check out the Specint/Specfp - Intel vs AMD thread? You accuse people of being deceitful and of making things up, maybe you should practice what you preach?
  8. I am not sure if the memory is CL2 or not I will check. Also, thanks for the advice.. I am upgrading to the 400 watt power supply version of the case. It is only 40 more dollars.
  9. Yes the chipset is the KT133A. Here is the info on the product from the distributor.

    ASUS A7V133 is based on VIA® Apollo KT133A PCIset supporting Socket A, 1.5GB PC133/VC133 SDRAM, 5 PCI (with 1 PCI/AMR shared), 1 AGP Pro/4X, No Audio On Board, Support Raid 0, 4 USB max, and 2 UltraDMA/100 with dip switch - Retail Box for AMD CPU - Rev 1.04

  10. Think about DDR on an AMD760 (not a VIA or ALi chipset - performance stinks). It may be worth your while and only costs a little more. You might also want a better cooler, and you don't mention anything about thermal transfer compound (i.e. arctic silver).

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  11. overall good system. I would not buy that modem.
    Winmodems suck bigtime. seriously crappy drivers make them
    scary too troubleshoot. Go for an external modem 3com makes good ones.
    I know many people like the SB Live . However I have had really scare experiences there . Also a case of scary
    inventive drivers. Which crap out with ,new motherboards, new processors! I have downloaded 100 meg+ via modem to patch it. The KT133A has a problem with the SB-live since somehow it seems to corrupt large 100+meg files when moved between disks. Okay I wont do that you may say.
    It just shows that SB-live has drivers that are fiddling with your system and may destabilize it. The first times finding what is wrong was a bitch. Now it is easy. I just download the latest driver. if it does not work I swap it for an old SB16 and wait for an updated driver.
  12. >Winmodems suck bigtime. seriously crappy drivers make them
    >scary too troubleshoot. Go for an external modem 3com
    >makes good ones.

    Agreed on WinModems, but actually he says he's getting a hardware modem:

    >>3com Internal PCI Hardware modem from $46

    In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
    In practice, there is.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by ergeorge on 04/19/01 05:06 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  13. I agree with Verteron, I would go for the AMD760 instead of the A7V133. And, like others have said, get a more powerful case.
  14. The KT133A chipset does have a problem with large file transfers that is complicated by the presence of an SB-Live. No one has said this is the fault of the SB-Live. It's a chipset issue that Via will have a patch for soon and has a temporary solution for now. I do agree that the SB-Live drivers tend to be a pain but only when you install everything on the installation disk. If you leave off the Live! software package and just install the plain drivers I've never had any trouble.

    To the original poster: I would recommend against the SB-Live Value because it does not have the digital input (SPDIF connector) which prevents you from using the digital audio output of your DVD drive. Of course, if this doesn't matter to you, get the value and save the $50 more that the full SB-Live costs.
  15. I haven't had any problems whatsoever with my SB LIVE card.

    From now on when someone asks you how fast your computer is, tell them your benchmark scores.
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