Dell xps 15 vs asus g53jw

So guys here is the big question. DELL vs ASUS

I7 740qm
6 gb of ram
650 gb of HDD
Full hd screen
Nvida 420m

I7 740qm
8 gb of ram 500 hdd
Full hd screen
Nvidia 460m

Dell or asus?...mabye asus have some specs. a little better then dell..but dell you can coustomize it, and mabye the dell full hd screen is better than the asus..but on the other hamd asus has a great video card, and 2 gb more ram...but on the design thing asus ismore "stealth" and dell xps looks more like a normal laptop mabye a little buisiness style.
So what do you think? or asus...VOTE.

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  1. Depends on what you want to do, if you aren't going to play games then the graphics card is irrelevant, the difference between 6 and 8 GB of RAM is irrelevant unless you multitask like hell (and even then...), the CPU's are the same, be sure to check the actual screen specifications, they can be either gloss or matte, etc ... the difference between 500GB and 640GB is minimal if you don't need that much storage anyway, Dell is different from Asus and the customer service may vary... then the look can be relevant to you, if you need something that looks businessman-like... it's all up to what you specifically need. We can't really answer such a general question because what we as individuals need is different from what you need.
  2. In my personal opinion, the ASUS wins across the board. Its specifications are better than that on the Dell, the ASUS has better build quality, it is not known to overheat, the finish does not leave fingerprints etc

    If you do not need all that extra power then you are sure to find a different model of computer that will better suit your needs. Maybe one that is lighter with better battery life?

    Just my opinion,
  3. Asus is better. By the way, you can customize the Asus if you go on sites like It's just that the Asus might cost more overall.
  4. assuming that u are looking for a gaming laptop and have hence considered d ASUS g series, i'd advice u to go wid the g is designed specifically to be a gaming laptop and has great specs.....
  5. Xotic pc is for us..and i am in uk, and I don't know how much are the taxes.
    Yes the asus is very good...but buying the 3d version how well the games can run on it? (ho much does the frame rate drop between the full hd version and the 3d version).
  6. I would not recommend the 3D version. It will not be that great on a 15.6" screen so I would say get anything with a blu-ray player and play your games through a television :D

    3D programs have double the framerates of normal programs because they are viewed half as fast through alternating lenses. That means the computer has to be more powerful and the screen higher quality to do this.

    Save your money. Do not go 3D.
  7. yes i would not go'll do fine with normal one.
  8. Yes i guess i will go with the normal full hd screen version.
    Anybody knows is a sandy bridge g53jw will come out?...or something from the republic of gamers with sandy bridge cpu ( i know intel for now they have some problems with their cpu's but mabye in april??? May??
  9. Well the ASUS G73 is currently available with SB cores so it can't be long until the release the G53 versions. I would say if you are in the US, expect March/April, anyone else is April onwards.
  10. go for asus, everything else burns up ur lap
    check out this one,
  11. The Asus, plus Dells have very poor batteries.
  12. Well napster, I think your decision has been made for you.

    Good luck.
  13. Anybody knows where tu buy a g53 in London?
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