Need Help Finding Specific Monitor, Keyboard, & Headset

Hello again, Tom's Hardware.

As the title suggests, I'm looking to purchase a new monitor, keyboard, and headset (to go with my new build). However, I've been having a lot of problems trying to find these peripherals that meet me specific wants and needs.

This is were you come in, hopefully.


Current monitor: HP w2338h.

The specifics of what I am looking for in a new monitor are:

25'' or larger (ideally 27'', nothing above 30'')
Full HD
High gloss (Half gloss is alright, no matte)


Current keyboard: Razer Lycosa

While I am currently happy with the Lycosa (I've had two over the years now, back to back), I'm interested in finding something similar in feel and appearance. Aesthetically, I enjoy the low keys of the Lycosa, the easy grip, but would like a red backlight if possible.

I do not like mechanical keyboards, as the keys are too large/thick. If there's a mechanical keyboard that fits my criteria and also has slim keys, I'd be willing to try that so long as it uses one of the quieter switches.


Current headset: Steel Series Siberia v2

I have a lot of trouble with headsets. I go through them like candy, as they tend to get dropped, tangled, broken, sat on, or stop working for no reason.

5.1 or 7.1
Durable/comfortable (I wear them for hours on end for both work and gaming)
Good sound quality (I'm not an audiophile, but things need to sound crisp and clear)
Good mic quality (See above)

As an addition, I would like headset and keyboard to match (if not by brand, then by aesthetics). My current mouse is a Razer Naga Epic, which I swear by.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. As an addition, my headset searching has now taken on a more immediate need (as the sound stopped working in the left cuff tonight).

    Any recomendations are greatly appreciated. I was originally looking at the 7.1 Tiamet, but I hear the sound quality on that is mediocre at best. Anything in the 5.1 range would be preferred (and ideally not USB based, as I don't mind picking up a nice sound card to get everything out of my headset).

    I hear Turtle Beach is pretty nice?
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