Question: How to upgrade?

Pretend you're me. This is your system:
ATrend ATC-6310-V Mobo
Celeron 533 not OC
Creative Annihilator 2 (GeForce 2 GTS, 32MB)
256 MB Apacer PC100 RAM
Ensoniq sound card
AOpen DVD-ROM 12x
HP CDWriter 8100 4x/4x/24x
Acer 19" display
Maxtor 10 GB 7200 rpm HD.
Windows 95 (considering moving to Win 98 OSR2)
Now, assume you've got 200-300 bucks in hand to improve it and want the best bang for your buck. Primary use is 3D gaming and word processing (I don't know why I even mentioned word processing ;). What do you do?
Options include (but are not limited to):
Upgrade CPU to P3 800MHz.
Change mobo and CPU to Athlon 800MHz-1GHz.
More memory.
Please advice. Also, please don't flame, and no Intel-AMD wars, as I like both companies products and you won't convince me otherwise.
I know fugger can troll for 80 posts. If only I could get 8 intelligent answers, my basic faith in humanity would be restored. Please? ^_^

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  1. Get an IWILL KK266 Mobo and Gig Tbird. Stability and speed for LESS than 300 bucks.

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  2. Okay, well I'm not very familiar with your mobo, but I would definatley choose the AMD upgrade myself, $131 - AMD 950 Athlon 200 FSB Socket A, even get a combo if ya want. Just make sure you have a sufficient HSF and power supply for whatever you get. Definately go with the memory upgrade, you could add on to what you've got or get a different kind. I would also think about getting a 20 GB 7200 rpm Maxtor for around $80. Or a Seagate Barracuda 20 GB 7200 rpm for about $100.

    Either way, I would suggest cpu and memory, depending on your mobo, a new one.

    Just my op.

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  3. If you have the FC-PGA Celeron 533, I would just get a better cooler and overclock to 800@100FSB. If you have the older PPGA processor, no such luck.
    You won't get the best performance form ANY motherboard with PC100. But you can get a Pentium III 850 for $153 on Pricewatch. Or you can get a Celeron FC-PGA 566 for $50 and overclock it to 850MHz fairly easily simply by changing the FSB to 100MHz. For your motherboard and ram this seems like a reasonable alternative for the $50 price.

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  4. 265.00 will get you the Intel pIII-1000mhz Retail Box...!

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  5. While I am an AMD supporter myself here is my recommendation:

    If your system is stable and you would like to beef it up with the least amount of work and save a few dollars (maybe?) go with a new p3 800-1000 (whatever is in your budget). The reason is because it would be a simple pop out the old and in with the new deal with no extra work to be done. Unless you are really itching for an AMD.. you could go up to the 1.3 for a good price as well but it would be a bit more expensive due to the fact that you would have to buy a new motherboard.

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  6. Try an ASUS A7V133($140) with a 900 Athlon($139).
    everything else will migrate just fine.

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  7. I have 2 Athlon Thunderbird systems and happy with them but I agreed with <b>Crashman</b> and <b>AeroSnoop</b>, you should either get P3 or run your old CPU at 100MHz FSB. Your system should be more than adequate to run what you need.
    It would cost you more than $300 if you want to upgrading to Athlon since you'd probably have to get PC-133 RAM (although PC-100 works fine with Athlon but you wouldn't get its full performance).
  8. I second that. Or get an A7V133 with a 1GHz, blue core (copper interconnects, mostlikely not in the 900MHz version) Tbird-C for another $10.

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  9. Wow! You guys are great. I'll probably go for a P3-800.
    I really appreciate the input and the way in which it was given. Thank you all for not flaming, trolling or warring... I wish all threads would be like this :)

    Now, with that said, I have a few more questions... maybe you could advice...
    1. My mobo is slot 1, but I'm currently using a PPGA celeron on a converter. Should my P3 be a FCPGA (can I mount it on the card?), or should I buy a slot 1?
    2. E, B or EB? My mobo supports 133 FSB, but my RAM is PC100 and I wouldn't want to blow 100 bucks in RAM (and throw away my current one). Can I OC Apacer memory to 133? Or, in the reverse, can I put an EB processor and expect it to work at 100 FSB?
    3. Can you reccomend a place where I can buy? I live in Mexico, but I have an international credit card and an adress in Texas, so I can order from anywhere. But returns can be a real hassle, so I'd love to get it right the first time :)
    Thanks for you help. I really appreciate it

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