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Power Usage

Last response: in CPUs
April 20, 2001 5:16:51 AM

I know this question doesnt really belong in the CPU section but what can i say?

I have been arguing with my father about this for months and i just wanted your guys input:

I am currently runing a Dell p133c apox 5-6 years old. I get home boot it up and read my email and read the lastest posts here ocationaly i play starcraft of diablo I then i go over to my friends house for an hour or 2 but when i get home the computer is off and i find that my father turned it off because it was wasting power.... i try to argue that i have it set up so after 10 min of idle the monitor shuts down and hard disks turn off but he still doesnt beleave me...

I want to know how i can convince him that it takes more power to boot up this pice of sh!t system then to run it on low power for an hour while i do other stuff.... it is my hope that i can convince him that its ok to boot it up when i get home (4:00pm) and leave it running till 11:00pm

any help???

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April 20, 2001 12:47:41 PM

you could try to convince him that ANY time you turn it off, you slightly shorten the computer's life. Electronic devices are known to last longer if they always stay at the same temperature which requires them to be always on or always off (not very useful). So the real question is whether those few cents you save a day are more valuable than the cost of a new computer when the current one dies prematurely. Of course, if you live in California, then I think your father can justify turning it off. :) 
April 20, 2001 5:15:39 PM

1> Install a kind of "soft cooler" software , thats will reduce up to 50% of CPU power usage. Then show it for your father.
2> Try to shut all lamp bulbs , refrigerators and electronics for a while and then show to your father how computers need low power to run.
3> Monitors have twice the power comsumption than computers.