Upgrade for a Intel Mb/Processor

My friend is running a Intel 300

he wants me to upgrade it for him.
Instead of leaping out the door and builing a new system.
I wanna know if he could add a higher processor like a p3 or not..

Im not exactly sure what board he has but its a
Blue Genius Motherboard
and i beleive its at 66MHz bus speed

are those older P2 boards upgradable for a good higher processor?

need info. =)

See im not some AMD fanatic here
i could of ran out the door and said buy a Athlon Athlon Athlon!!!
but instead.. i wanna know if his board can handle another Intel,
if so, id be cheaper i think and less hassle then a new sys

thanks for info


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  1. I believe you could use a Celeron PPGA processor on a converter card for most early P2 systems. I tried a 533 on an old AST 266 computer, the only problem I had was that BIOS detected it as a Pentium Pro 533. So you would want to make sure it has current BIOS, and the multipliers should not be a problem. Be aware that the 533 is available in both FC-PGA and PPGA flavors. You could also look up the BIOS number on <A HREF="http://www.ping.be/bios/index.html" target="_new">http://www.ping.be/bios/index.html</A> to find out if the manufacturer supports anything higher, or get an upgrade processor from <A HREF="http://www.evertech.com" target="_new">http://www.evertech.com</A>

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  2. if its just 66 MHz, then al you can plug in is Celeon 766 max. C800 is 100 MHz FSB. that too you will need a socket to clot convertor card.
    and that wont help much i guess, since that motherboard wont have many of the latest things out there - 100/133 MHz FSB, UATA/66 or UATA/100 disk interface, USB etc.

    so i guess it would make sense to get a newer mobo and a cpu, right?


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  3. Identify the motherboard and chipset, LX, ZX, or BX?

    need help to identifing the mobo? find the FCC ID number then go to www.fcc.gov and click on search and then click search FCC-ID numbers.

    Once you know the chipset, then you will have good idea what CPU's fit that chipset.

    Power Leap, makes a slot adapter that adjusts voltage for newer processors to fit in older motherboards.
  4. Thankx guys

    Ill get more info on the board then come back


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  5. Chances are that the coppermine celeron's will not work in that system, unless there is a bios upgrade for the board.

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  6. www.powerleap.com

    sorry for not adding the link, not sure what I was thinking =)
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