How to add firewire to a netbook

I'm trying to add firewire capability (for transferring video from a DV recorder) to a netbook. I got hoodwinked into buying a usb - firewire cable which doesn't work.
Have just been looking at express card adapters which give pcmcia capability via a usb port, could I then plug a express card firewire adapter into one of these ?

Any advice would be appreciated.


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  1. What you're proposing looks like an adapter too far -- if not actually a rather expensive sort of Xmas tree effect, that slightly defeats the point of a netbook -- which is portability. Legacy adapters on USB often don't work as advertised as you've discovered -- so I think this unsound.

    Look for a laptop with PCMCIA socket -- or a desktop and add a PCI to Firewire.

    Then you may feel that it's smarter to pay a bureau to transfer your vids to DVD.
  2. I assume your netbook doesn't have firewire or PCMCIA?

    I get the feeling you won't be happy with the netbook. Even if you could get the video on there, it will be to slow for you to do much of anything with it other then watch it. If you want to be doing this kind of thing you're better off dumping the netbook and getting a laptop.
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