Windows 7 Build 7601 This copy of Windows is not genuine

My company bought about 15 pieces of desktop pc from dell.
I created an Windows 7 image using Dell pre-installed Win7.
I have used this image to clone 14 pieces of the dektops and there was no issue.
However, the last one I encountered "Windows 7 Build 7601 This copy of Windows is not genuine" when I powered on the machine. I don't even have any chance to login to windows to activate it by using its OEM Product Key. Please the screenshot as attached.
Please kindly advice any solutions to this issue.te it by using its OEM Product Key.
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  1. Start > right click computer > properties > at the very bottom under "windows activation" does it say activated?

    Didn't see the screenshot you said you posted.
  2. Are all 15 PC's identical? HP (and maybe Dell) uses a special OEM key so you should be able to clone one of them unless hardware changes. You can contact Microsoft and see if they can help you activate the 15th PC.
  3. when dell or any big box vendor installs windows they use a different kind of key. which was copied when you cloned it.
    you can try this fix: from

    run command prompt as admin.

    In the CMD window, type: slmgr.vbs -ipk <type your product key here> (without the <>)
    To activate windows after changing the key, type: slmgr.vbs -ato
    But i wouldn't suggest it, we have machines here from dell and they all have the same product key as well. You can tell cause in the product key it will have OEM in there, which is what dell uses for the preactivated keys.

    what i do to avoid this problem,

    get a copy of windows 7 oem.
    do a fresh install, get the pc the way you want it, all updates install applications.
    run sysprep with the generalize option (makes it hardware independent) (sysprep can only be run 3 times per windows key)
    clone the image and deploy to pc's

    note: skip entering the key or activation prior to sysprep
  4. Was it infact a VLK key, if not. oh dear !
    VLK key is bought for such a setup where the OS can be installed on large number of machines, even with different hardware, but once the 15 installs are up, then you will get the not genuine message.
    Your over the quota for the licence and hit 16 installs for example, so Someone has hocked the Os and installed it on a system at home or something, It will be the reason for the message. You will have to buy an extra one, or extend the VLK install count. A trip to Microsoft is your only option.
    VLK means a Volume Licence Key. Microsoft can tell you the status of the licence and if it is a VLK key. And tell you if it has been installed and logged 15 times for example, leaving you to the conclusion someone other than yourself, has installed the os on another system, unknown to you, other than just yourself.
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